Brimming with charming hiking trails amidst thick dense jungle, picturesque streams perching down the mountain, and riveting natural elements awash with pastel hues; camping can surely open a treasure trove of destinations and places to see. 

Camping outdoors can be a lifetime experience that renders a sense of relief and nonchalance from our relentless, monotonous lives. And a much-needed reminder of the beauty that nature beholds. But sometimes things can go sideways and if you are not well-equipped with smart gadgets, the beautiful camping trip can easily turn out to be a nightmare. 

Although several unique camping gadgets are serving different purposes, choosing the important ones can be a dilemma for first-timers or experienced alike. Whether you feel like spending a night in a national park, beach, or putting a tent amidst the dense woods; we have garnered a list of smart gadgets to bring on your next camping trip. Take these and you will never have to worry about anything! 

Best Camping Gadgets 2021

  • VATA 7 GEN 2 LED illuminated backpack

An Led illuminated backpack serves as the best way to render a little atmospheric light around your tent or while dredging on dangerous paths at night. There’s nothing better than a gentle LED tube enlightening your way as you guide your fellow campers along the way. These backpacks, getting rare reviews, are serving one of the most powerful and reliable ways to enjoy camping for hours without any stress. Made from waterproof nylon fabric, the reflective materials and strong LED lights can work up to 20 hours after each charge. The backpack can be operated remotely and renders sharp signals that make it super handy. 

  • CleverMade Insulated camp bag  

Crafted from dense fabric, the contents are designed to stay cool for seven hours by keeping the insides insulated at all times. You can stock your favorite food, grocery, beverage among others at their original temperature. The best part you ask? The bag will keep enhancing its cooling as you add more items to it. Moreover, the zippered bottom and top trunks provide a superior foundation and can hold at least 7 plastic bags. All this makes it the must-have smart gadget to bring on your next camping trip. 

  • INIU portable power bank

Gone are the days when camping was all about giving yourself a well-deserved escape. Switching off the mobile phone, leaving all the tedious distractions at home, and getting back to exploring mother nature is not possible or practical these days. Most of us need to stay connected with the outside world even if we don’t feel like it when we go out exploring the campsites. Phones, tablets, USB-powered lights, and even laptops are considered essential items by many campers out there. That is why it is of paramount importance to have a gadget that can cover all your power problems. Try choosing a power bank with a minimum of 15 volts of power.  And don’t stress because the slim design covers for the increased weight.

  • JBL- Waterproof portable speaker 

The pitchy sounds of Cricket aren’t the only sound you can listen to while resting amidst the serenity of nature. The lightweight but powerful speakers can be clipped to your backpack that lets you enjoy your favorite music wherever you feel like it. The 50mm rear bass-pumping speaker radiates breathtaking sound that richly simulates your brain. Massive sound quality, easy controls, and an extended playtime of over 10 hours give an in-house concert experience that lets you play on the move. Worried about spilling it over? Well no more, as they are mostly fully water-resistant. Just rub it off and keep continuing with the trail. 

  • Pressca portable coffee and espresso maker 

Enjoying your favorite espresso while looking over at the cliffs with your loved ones. Sounds too dreamy? Well, let this one be fulfilled with an on-the-go coffee maker. The nomadic device lets you brew and drink coffee as you enjoy your camping trip. A sturdy, effortless coffee maker is easier to use than a French Press as it uses pressurized air to make instant coffee. The best part? Cleaning up after using the espresso maker takes no more than a minute and you would be back up again on the trail in no time. Just read the instructions off the menu and get ready to give yourself a well-deserved coffee break. 

  • Amaze Fit TREX Pro GPS watch 

Law of the campsite- Never get lost. All it takes is one wrong misstep and a path can leave you astray to a never-ending abyss. And the worst part, what if there is no connectivity? While it’s a no-brainer that you should know your trails and basic direction guidance, even the experts can make mistakes. To offset that you need a GPS watch with you at all times. It’s not just the direction data, these watches are designed to monitor all your crucial data: movement speed, distance traveled, oxygen level, heart rate coupled with a barometer, altimeter, and tracking compass. These could be your ultimate personal assistants, helping you in times of crucial needs. 

  • LifeStraw 

A straw? It does sound odd at first. But what if I tell you there is a way to filter out water and drink it right off a stream? Well, these FDA-approved steel straws are made for just that purpose. With a removal rate of 99.9% of waterborne bacteria, what else could you ask for in these uncertain times? The straw is ideal for backpacking through the forest when you conserve water. The straw has a collected capacity of 1 milliliter and can directly filter out organic chemicals, chlorine from the water. The 2-stage filtration system can clear out all the harmful substances and elements, making the water safer to drink. 

  • HiHiker ventilated sleeping bag 

The importance of a great night’s sleep when you are camping cannot be understated and that’s why these ventilated sleeping bags are a must-have. The wing-lock one-way valve in these bags allows for three times faster inflation while keeping the insides regulated at all times. They are light, easy to carry, easy to set up and provide firm support for a good night’s sleep. The breathable and waterproof cushion prevents the foot from tent wall condensation while providing tucked-in comfort and temperature control at all times. 

  • FosPower portable solar-powered battery charger

Mostly built with a lithium polymer battery, the charger is made up of premium materials and can simultaneously deliver power to several devices at once. It can add up to 25000mAh of power, thus, making it ideal for a late-night hike. You can power LEDs, chargers among other things, and never worry about your devices going off when you need them the most. 

Pro tip- Always use solar as a backup option while making sure the power bank is fully charged. 

  • Thermacell MR300 mosquito repeller 

The wilderness is full of insects trying to get a taste of your blood. It is an alarming experience having mosquitoes buzz past your ears while you are in a deep slumber or planning the next day of your camping. This is why you need a portable repeller to keep them at bay. Powered by Thermacell cartridges, they are synthetic and create a scent-free zone that lets you sleep peacefully. Thus, making it the most essential smart gadget to bring on your next camping trip. 

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Hope this list of the best camping gadgets to bring on your next camping trip helps enhance your experience the next time you are out to explore.