No matter what part of the world you live in, there’s an adventure waiting to be unlocked within every driving distance. But driving isn’t exactly as glamorous as shown in these high-budget movies. Your favorite destination can easily become stressful or mundane if you don’t go equipped with the right set of tools. 

Thankfully, there is an entire list of devices available to make your car practically smarter. That lets you cherish each and every moment of your destination. The list contains the best car gadgets to make practically any car smart. 

Best Car Gadgets 2021

  • Beurer Portable Wireless Heated Seat Cushion

Another option on the list would keep you warm along the cold trails. Beurer Portable Wireless Heated Seat Cushion comes with a built-in three-hour-long battery that would ensure warmth all night. The 12 hours runtime jacket will resist the elements like water and wind from entering your body. It will keep your insiders warm all the while making sure the temperature is well-regulated at all times. You cannot miss this if you are planning a camping trip atop a hill without ever worrying about sleeping or sitting in the cold mist.

  • AutoXscape life-saving tool

Car accidents are prevalent. Even the most experienced car drivers can encounter a situation where escape seems impossible. While the thought of getting trapped is terrifying, you can retrograde it back and think calmly. This AutoXscape life-saving tool is exactly like that. Built from sturdy aerospace aluminum, the life-saving tool will make sure you are not vulnerable even in the worst of situations. Both compact and sturdy, it can be your next best buddy on car rides.

  • NOCO’s Portable Car Battery Jump Charger

Don’t worry about car batteries the next time you are out with your friends with this powerful upgrade. Driving along an unknown terrain is filled with uncertainties, no one can say what destiny truly holds for you. Get yourself top-notch gadgets like NOCO’s Portable Car Battery Jump Charger that would easily lead you out of trouble. The peculiar faucet design is waterproof and the storage makes it easy to carry around.

  • Cooluli warmer and cooler

It’s hard to find delicious home-cooked meals during the camping season. But with a Cooluli warmer portable gadget, you can store good food or beverages as you go. Both compact and lightweight, it is perfect for long camping trips and people who can’t go without proper food for too long. A highly efficient gadget minimizes the wind impact when compared to other stoves in the same category. The material is sturdy and offers long-lasting advantages. 

  • Key Tracker

Ever lost your keys or placed them somewhere but couldn’t remember where? Well, don’t shy away, it’s a problem prevalent in every part of the country with one simple solution called Key Tracker. Doesn’t matter if it is for an hour or just 10 minutes, looking for car keys, especially when you are in a hurry, can cause a lot of stress. Which makes Key Tracker an essential component to making your dumb keys a little smarter. Working on the principle of advanced radiofrequency technology, the device typically has a range of up to 100ft combined with an ability to look past obstructions like walls and furniture. 

  • Dash Cam
15 car gadgets that will improve your driving experience, including a  dashcam // Business Insider | Dash camera, Dashcam, Dashboard camera

Met with an accident? Well, don’t worry, you will surely get the insurance on the premiums you have been paying ever since. But what if no one believes it was an accident? Insurance companies generally go through a tedious process, making sure the claim is authentic. A dash cam can act as an alibi to support your claim in this case. 

It isn’t just about insurance claims, the motion sensors can support parallel parking, and most importantly these cameras can be used to record any threat subjected to your car. Whether it was hit or run, attempts of break-ins, or anything, you can finally have a good night’s sleep knowing there’s something working as a night watch. 

  • Bluetooth adapter 
Starkwoood Car Bluetooth For Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML Car:  Electronics

It’s time to move past the FM radios and CDs (if you are still using one) with the best-ever car gadgets in 2021. The Bluetooth car technology lets you play anything from your smartphone without any distortions because of the frequency range. The enhanced microphone renders a superior reception and vastly improved noise cancellation system that delivers a seamless and enjoyable experience while driving the car. Not just this, you can also charge up to two devices simultaneously with most Bluetooth adapter sticks. Easy to carry around, this is clearly a must-have device for every car user out there. Available at affordable prices, you can be sure it will completely transform the way you drive. 

  • Car tracking and diagnostics adapter
SiriusXM acquires connected car company Automatic for over $100M |  TechCrunch

Want to leverage the power of IoT but don’t know how to digitally connect your old sedan to get all the data? If you answered positively, then a diagnostic adapter and a car tracker are essential for you. The adapter comes with the following- 

  • It can be used to check car engines. You will automatically get trouble codes and other engine-related problems. It can help save time and money while making things more efficient.
  • The device is to operate and lets you scan your entire car on the go. And you can expect to have a wide range of diagnoses running through the system.   
  • Transparent display glass
Reimagining In-Car UX Pt 1: Instrument Clusters | Head up display, Cool car  gadgets, Car gadgets

This is a must to add to your best car gadgets list if you have ever owned a modern vehicle or just sat in one, then you must be well aware of the advanced display system with touch screen capabilities. These devices can be latched to the deck of your car and make it look like it’s tech-enabled. This simple-looking, brightly lit, and accurate solution can modernize your car without having to give too many upgrades to it. The screen is easy to read and can really enhance the navigation system of your car. There is also an in-built alarm system that prevents over-speeding. The glass is available on every online retail platform.  

  • Tire safety monitor
MANATEC TYREMATE Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS for Cars and Light  Commercial Vehicles : Car & Motorbike

A wireless universal tire safety monitor has everything you require for a long-haul uninterrupted driving experience. You can’t tell your tire’s health just by looking at them unless you are a Jedi! Don’t wait for another blowout before you change your tires. It is of paramount importance to keep tires healthy. The sensors on the device create a buzzer sound by constantly monitoring the pressure and temperatures. It is especially useful on terrains and off-the-road driving where blowouts and flat tires are a common occurrence. The device comes equipped with an automatic vibration detection system that will start detecting the tire’s health once you start the car. 

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  • Backup rearview camera
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The parallel park is a nightmare for many, especially if you are doing it in a crowded street or mall. One wrong move and the entire day can turn into a huge embarrassment. But what if we tell you there’s a way around this? A backup rearview camera will smartly rescue you from this dilemma. Providing a clear image of surroundings, you can efficiently park your car even in the narrowest of spots. These devices also work in low-light conditions. Attached with no added configuration like wiring, the camera is universal and can work with any car without putting much effort into it. 

  • A USB charger 
Car Charger, Anker Quick Charge 3.0 39W Dual USB Car Charger Adapter,  PowerDrive Speed 2 for Galaxy | Car usb, Charger car, Dual usb

Double up the loading capacity and power of your devices through a USB charger. The universally compatible chargers are optimized to use power efficiently while charging the phone a few times faster than the old conventional ones. Never be worried about running out of charge while on a trip or a long drive. The USB charging powerhouse comes with a built-in circuit to prevent overflow of current or over-voltage or temperatures. Lightweight and ultra-compact, the charger is made to last long and will definitely enhance your productivity on the go. Available at affordable prices, you can purchase one from any store or eCommerce platform. 

  • Air purifier 
Car air purifiers to make the interior of your vehicle pure and free from  pollutants | Most Searched Products - Times of India

If there’s one thing you need after the pandemic is a fresh supply of air. The portable air purifiers come mostly in the form of a tube or a bottle that can help purify your personal space in the most affordable way. The larger filtration system and expansion area filter 99 percent of air. The exclusive dual sterilization not just purifies the air but also kills any airborne disease with its Ultraviolet disinfection system. Through an air purifier, you can be sure that your family is safe and healthy at all times. 

  • GPS

Use the car GPS system to navigate your car out of traffic, narrow streets, and congested areas altogether. It can also help calculate the shortest distance to your destination. Additionally, it can also help track down the car, in case, if it gets subjected to theft. The multi-vehicle and universal adaptability system will let you use it in any car. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearby store or visit an online eCommerce platform to upgrade your car in the best possible way with these best car gadgets.