The onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic has led to several implications throughout the globe. Even though these tough times, the development of a child is of utmost priority for the parents. This problem has been tackled efficiently with various online educational platforms. These platforms ensure and aid the holistic development of a child. Considering the importance of this aspect, we have a few of the best learning websites for kids in Covid-19 times. These websites have been broadly categorized under Pre-School and Elementary School for better demarcation.

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Pre School


Vroom comes from the Bezos Family Foundation and focuses on providing quality academic assistance to pre-school kids. There is an app version of the platform as well where the parents are aided by an AI assistant cum Coach Jesse. The idea is to keep the learning process organic. You can also connect your Vroom app with Alexa for better accessibility.

Sesame Street

Who is not familiar with Sesame Street? Almost every child has had some other memory of Sesame Street while growing up. This is one of the reasons why Sesame Street online games are one of the best free learning websites for kids in the Covid-19 era, especially for pre-school kids. There are loads of games, videos, and online activities which can be accessed for free. Not only this, these can be great for the children to learn while they play.

Bed Time Math

Bedtime Math tries to make learning the same way bedtime stories play an important role in a child’s development, Bedtime Math is available as an app as well as a website to help more children learn while they play and experience interactive content.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a great free learning Website for not only pre-schoolers but also for older ones. They have a wide range and means of making children learn while they don’t feel like they are learning. PBS Kids is one of the most appropriate platforms for children.

Funbrain Jr

Perhaps one of those platforms which remind you of the colorful bubbly world of children’s TV shows. The brightly exuberant colors are complemented by the myriads of games, videos, and activities that are available for children. There is an app available as well, thus making this a great source of learning on multiple platforms.

Elementary School


Starfall Education Foundation was founded in August 2002 with the vision to create free and low-cost experiences in order to make children learn through exploration. There are apps on IOS and Android developed by Starfall Education Foundation. These apps consist of content that helps children learn interactively.

Learning Games for Kids

Learning Games for Kids brings together the fun of gaming with the accomplishment of learning. There are various games through which children can improve their subject or topic-wise knowledge. These games are predominantly available on the website but are great means of learning.

Primary Games

Primary Games has a similar interface to that of Learning Games for Kids. Several games can be played by students from various grades. These games are based on various subjects and topics, to boost the understanding of the students.


Arcademics offers both a free experience along a paid subscription to its services. It comes from the fusion of Arcade + Academics = Arcademics. The platform has been acclaimed by various institutions and juries.

The situations are sure to get better in the coming times, but the accessibility of such platforms will always be one of the positives of this pandemic. The best free learning websites for kids during Covid-19 may very well be the difference between your child’s faster and more effective development in the long run.