Is something still lacking in your perfect shot videos on an expensive DSLR camera? It might be stability. Your videos are lacking stability. To make it perfect and ultimate your videos need to be perfect from every aspect whether its quality, object, framing, angle or stability. Gimbals are the best tools for your cameras, smartphones, or GoPro. You have a wide range of options and classifications available for gimbals. Gimbal restricts unwanted camera shake or other movements. It allows you to capture smooth shots, especially moving shots that need more stabilization.  

Gimbal choices are dependent on the type of devices you are using and which gimbal fits perfectly with your device.

Gimbals for smartphones– It’s capped to the smartphone like a selfie stick. You can now move your phone through the handle of the gimbal which serves horizon stabilization. The best among others is DJI OM4.  

Gimbals for action cameras– Generally they have their system for stabilization but gimbals can reduce the wild movements of your camera to capture smooth video. The recommendation is Removu S1. 

Gimbals for mirrorless or DSLR cameras– For professionally filming video, some gimbals can support heavy DSLR for smooth shooting. The best recommendation is Feiyutech AK4500.

Let’s see some amazing gimbals for your device- 


Compatibility Smartphone; 67 to 84 mm width
Stabilization Axis 3
Weight390 g
Dimensions276 119.6 x 103.6mm (Unfolded); 163 x 99.5 x 46.5mm (Folded)
BatteryUp to 15 hours
PriceFlipkart- $175
Flipkart Rating4.4/5

DJI OM 4 fits perfectly with your budget. Osmos’s gimbals have been gaining momentum for some time now. Other than OM 4 no gimbal offers the same performance in this budget. This is best for your smartphone as its weight is super light to support. The best feature is the powerful magnetic mechanism of attaching the gimbal to your smartphone. The level of stabilization of the 3-axis offers exceptional and smooth performance. It’s a better upgrade than Osmos mobile 3 in terms of smoothness and heat resistance. It offers amazing battery life and class-leading performance for the perfect shots you are willing to take. It features no camera swapping in the middle when you are recording. 

Zhiyun smooth X

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Compatibility Smartphone; 50 to 90mm
Stabilization3 axis
Weight246 g
Dimensions508 x 57 x 56mm (center post extended)
BatteryUp to 5.5 hours
PriceFlipkart- $65Amazon- $128
Flipkart Rating4.1/5

The best compact gimbal with extra light features at an affordable price. It comes under a compact and lightweight kit.  This fits in the best way if you are looking for an upgrade in your vlogging and videography because of its appealing price and performance. This gimbal features the ability to swivel that assists portrait orientation which makes it a requisite piece in your vlogging kit. It offers great stabilization in this menial budget price. It has a plastic body along with a compact design. However, the apps that assist the access to the gimbal features are restricted to few smartphones. If you are willing to buy this then make sure you check up the list of smartphones that can access the app. 

Zhiyun smooth 4

Compatibility Smartphone; 62 to 85mm
Stabilization3 axis
Weight 547 g
Dimensions 328 x 123 x 105mm
Battery Up to 12 hours
PriceAmazon- $93
Amazon Rating4/5

Are you an Apple user? Here you go, the smoothest gimbal for you. The majority of content is shot on an iPhone. It’s well-founded for capturing amazing footage. The best one you can ever find for your iPhone is Zhiyun-tech smooth 4, it offers substantial stabilization at a tempting price. It offers amazing features which include a wheel that assists zooming and focusing and it’s free-handed on the controls of the body. It offers additional features when connected to its app such as the effect of time-lapse, vertigo that assist the effect of the perspective-shifting dolly zoom. It is loaded with necessary features which results in beautiful and realistic footage. However, it’s best for the iPhone and not quite optimized with Android.  

DJI Ronin SC

Compatibility DSLR/Mirrorless camera; 2kg weight
Stabilization 3 axis
Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions370 x 165x 150mm (unfolded); 220 x 200 x 75mm (folded)
BatteryUp to 11 hours
PriceAmazon- $387Flipkart- $401
Amazon rating4.5/5

Ronin SC is designed for mirrorless cameras. It’s a bit bulky and heavy in weight. It has a payload of 2.0 kg. It features a selection of to date that assists in shooting high-quality and stable videos. The active track allows you to take stable shots. It offers quick selection, tracking, and maintaining a collective shot of the subject. You can have creative and unique shots with the help of the rotation feature of the camera. It offers time-lapse. It can let you capture in sports mode. 

Feiyutech AK4500

Compatibility DSLR/mirrorless cameras
Stabilization 3 axis
Weight1.66 kg
Dimensions429 x 240 x 175mm
Battery12 hours
Amazon rating4.6/5

Are you searching for a heavy supporter gimbal? Feiyutech AK4500 is the best fit for you. It usually supports cameras up to 4.6 kg in weight. It can be fitted along with the second handle which allows you to capture shots conveniently. It features a touchscreen LCD on the handle which offers multi-function along with the magic ring, focusing and zooming, exposure and ISO. It can be connected through Bluetooth accompanied by other gimbal controls. AK4500 is potent especially for large DSLR setups with static stabilization. 

DJI pocket 2

Compatibility N/A
Stabilization3 axis
Weight117 g
Dimensions124.7 x 38 x 130mm
Battery140 minus
Amazon rating4.4/5

It’s a complete package of all the ultimate features you’ll ever need in a gimbal, stabilized videos, and pocketable size are in-hand collectively offered to you. The additions of audio externally and ultra-wide specifications are conclusive and make it a perfect one. However, the system of noise handling can not be considered an ultimate one. The best part about pocket 2 is the 64 MP photos support. It offers an extraordinary quality of your captures. It also offers 8x zoom which is a perfect combo with 64 MP. The smoothness of footage will remain intact as it has ActiveTrack 3.0. 

Benro snoppa vmate

Compatibility N/A 
Stabilization3 axis 
Weight116 g
Dimensions121.9 x 36.9 x 28.6mm
Battery210 mins 
Price $249
Amazon rating3.5/5

Vmate offers 3-in-1 features that are 3 axes, palm-sized, and micro which makes it super convenient to carry it with you anywhere. You can have both the option for shooting, vertically and horizontally according to your preferences and needs. It offers 4K quality at 60fps; 1080p at 240fps in both modes. It offers two built-in mics which can be switched. It can be connected to Bluetooth along with the process of syncing audio which can be fitted in the videos. It features creative modes such as smart object tracking, face tracking, motion-timelapse, night shot, etc.  

Gopro karma grip

Compatibility GoPro Hero 7 Black, hero 5 black, hero black, hero 4 silver
Stabilization3 axis
Weight487 g
DimensionsStabilizer; 149 x 109 x 83mm, Handle; 205 x 43 x 43mm 
BatteryUp to 2 hours
PriceAmazon- $301
Amazon Rating4/5

A magnificent gimbal that is loaded with features. It is amended for the latest GoPro cameras. The grip has integrated buttons for smoother performance. It features many controls which assist great stabilization while shooting. You can offload your footage without disconnecting the camera which reduces the switching between modes while offloading. It leads to enhanced quality of the videos as it has 3 axis stabilization. The ring of GoPro karma can be mounted anywhere where the Standard GoPro mount is used. The best part about this gimbal is the remote camera controls which adjust the settings at hand. However, it is not compatible with GoPro hero8 black. 

Feiyutech G6

Compatibility GoPro Hero 8 Black, hero 7 black, hero 6 black, hero 5 black, Sony RX0, and other with similar dimensions
Stabilization 3 axis
Weight336 g
Dimensions271 x 119 x 38mm
Battery 12 hours
Amazon rating3.5/5

In case your usage is too much then it has 12 hours + battery life which serves your needs perfectly. It has physical controls along with adjustments through the app. It’s splashproof. If you are a user of GoPro hero then its solid outlook offers ideal stabilization. The OLED screen gets you to access the essential information of the gimbal such as the status of the battery along with the features of the camera such as modes of working, Bluetooth connection and battery of camera, etc. 

Removu S1

Compatibility GoPro session, hero3, hero 3+. Hero 4, hero 5, and hero 6. 
Stabilization3 axis 
Weight 380 g
Dimension32.8 x 32.0 x 160.4mm
BatteryU to 5 hours
Amazon rating3.7/5

Shooting while raining? This will be your partner in the rainy season while shooting. It has a strong body along with waterproof features which allows you to take it anywhere with you in any weather. It is compatible with all the models. This can be a wearable stabilizer as it has a detachable grip. It has options on the handle. This gimbal is designed to restrict the camera shake due to the 3 axis. The modes of shooting are magnificent such as Pan following which keeps the horizon position steady, pan and tilt following which lock the axis of roll, and all axes locked which is useful while mounting an object. 

ARE YOU READY TO SHOOT YOUR SMOOTH AND PERFECT VIDEO? I hope you have chosen the best gimbal for your device.