Everybody is worried about break-ins. Everyone needs to surveillance what’s happening inside or outside their home. Security camera would be worthy in this case. Nowadays, cameras are brought up with some amazing features such as night vision, professional monitoring, two-way audio, smart notifications and, more. Now, the question is how to find the right camera for you from this list of the best Home security cameras? Let’s find out.

There is a wide range of best home security cameras according to your needs and preferences. The features can vary up to your need such as motion tracking, two-way communication, night vision, cloud storage, and HD video quality. The settings of the camera are now compatible and controlled by your smartphone which makes it convenient to use.

Among the long list of security cameras, we have found the best among others with stunning features. These include the camera having features like- sending notification alert whenever detects motion, are compatible with Alexa, Google assistant and even with Home kit integration, cloud storage for recording it and playing it later on, etc.

Best Home Security Cameras of 2021-


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Resolution1080p footage recording-as much fits onto a 16 GB
BasrstationaudioHD two way
Plus points-Monthly subscription not needed
-Battery life- 365 -day
-Weather-proof IP67 rating
Negative points-Records while triggering
-Video resolution-1080

This is one of the best home security cameras you can go for. It has been recognized for a solid mid-range choice at a  reasonable price. A monthly subscription is not needed for this camera. It has an IP67 rating along with a weatherproof feature and a battery life of 365 days. In addition, it encodes clips to the base station directly. This is the best fit for you in case you need a budget-friendly that records video simply that is been stored.


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Resolution2k; 2560x1440Footage recording-cloud recording free for seven days
AudioHD 2-way
Plus points-Cloud recording free
-Clear audio
Negative points-On the expensive side
-Not unlimited


The resolution of this camera shows even the tiny details of the footage. Arlo 3 is at a reasonable price in comparison with Arlo ultra and Arlo ultra 2 security cameras. It offers a weatherproof outlook so that it can be used indoors or outdoors as well. In terms of battery, it a battery-powered and can be connected to mains power. One variant of this camera has a built-in floodlight that automatically bright up at the time detecting motion. Preferred places for this camera are gardens and driveways. The footage is stored for 30 days after recording and can easily detect the motion types or by whom the motion has been taken places, such as by an animal, person, or vehicle. The subscriptions of Arlo smart start from $2.99.



Resolution1080p HD footage recording- 24 hours; 30- days along with subscription
AudioTwo way
Plus points-Affordable
-Clear footage
Negative pointsSome specifications need monthly fees


This one is the best for indoors. It can be the best deal for developing the suite of a company. It’s more on the cheaper side but the specifications are amazing and function really well. It can be controlled through your smartphone. You can also log in to your account of the ring through the web and observe the property from anywhere. Installation is super easy and in addition, tutorials are available on the app as well for convenience. It has a flexible stand, ceiling, and wall mounting, its 2-in-1 as its low- priced which is offering high quality as well.



Resolution1080p HD footage; recording- 30 days
Audio Two-way
Plus points-Affordable
-Great video quality
Negative points-Person detection is not precise
-Storage needs an additional module

This is a compact security camera at a low price. It records full HD footage even at night and, at day time as well. The footages are crisp clear and precise. The installation is easy and other functions can be controlled by an app. It offers cloud and local storage. However, you would need sync for using local storage. The package is $3 per month after the trial time ends. The best part about blink mini is the strong person detection. 



Resolution 1080p HD footage; Recording- 30 days
AudioTwo way
Plus points-Detailed video
-Privacy shutter
Negative points-Absence of Homekit support
-On the expensive side


It’s a good pick for the privacy aspect. As it’s a huge concern while selecting security cameras for home. Arlo essential has saved you on this part. The feature of privacy shutter closes off when disarmed and ensures disabling microphone. After subscribing to Arlo smart you can have detailed and precise footage, especially when you need to review the footage later on. The subscription costs $2.99 per month. It is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. 

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Resolution2K footage; Recording- 30 days
AudioTwo way
Plus points-Detailed and precise video
-Cloud and local storage
Negative pointsAt 2K resolution, Homekit support doesn’t workMicroSD not given

With the help of micro SD cards, the footage can be saved, but micro SD doesn’t come with the camera itself. You need to purchase it additionally. It’s more on the reasonable side and offers great video quality. It’s simple to install or set up. Motion can be detected by the camera even at night and in the daytime as well. It is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. The amazing part about this security camera is that it supports Homekit. While you use the Homekit, the quality of the video remains HD only. It is the best option in terms of local storage. 



Resolution1080p HD footage; Recording- cloud storage
AudioTwo way
Plus points-Effective color
-IR night vision
-Micro SD for local storage
Negative points-Locked person detection behind a paywall
-Sound detection- not reliable

Wyze cam offers a 130* view area along with cloud storage for 14 days. The footage can also get uploaded smoothly on even slow wi-fi networks. It is weatherproof. However, this security camera has a drawback which is its limited usage outdoor. As it requires a power outlet rather than a rechargeable battery system.  It offers free cloud storage. This also features the autosave option for clips. In case you are not taking the subscription then there will be a drawback, that you would receive too many notifications. Additionally, it doesn’t have the person detection feature. It’s a good option for budget-friendly. 



Resolutionsensor-4K; 1080p HDR streaming footage; Recording- with subscription
AudioTwo way
Plus points-Great build quality
-The amazing quality of the video
Negative pointsSubscription is not an expensive side

The Nest Cam IQ is on the intellectual side. It knows the difference between people and animals. It notifies you whenever there is a moment in your house. The best feature is it can identify familiar and unfamiliar entities. It records footage in HD. However, it’s on the expensive side. In order to use all the available functions of this security camera, a subscription is needed. 



Resolution1080p HD streaming footage; Recording- Micro SD
AudioOne way
Plus points-Powerful LED flood light
-Motion sensor
Negative pointsLarge design On the expensive side

The design is not meant for indoors but it is a strong security camera. It features a dimmable LED floodlight which can be adjusted according to your preference. It’s waterproof along with an all-metal body. Settings can be adjusted by you, as when you need to be notified when it detects an animal or a person. One troubling thing about Netatmo’s presence is that it should always be within the range of your WiFi. As it works only when connected to WiFi. It has a slot for microSD which indicates that you don’t really need a subscription for recording a video. 



Resolution 1080p HD streaming footage; Recording- Along with the subscription
AudioTwo way
Plus points-Smart home integration
-useful app
Negative pointsSubscription is needed for recordingIngenious design

It’s best for securing the area outside the house. It’s on the affordable side along with being weatherproof as well. It has brilliant video quality. It also features an app. It can easily detect that whether the motion is created by a person or by any other thing. You will be notified about every motion or activity. However, a subscription will be needed. The average cost of the package is $5. This allows the feature of reviewing footage of 30 days. The major drawback of this camera is that it attaches through a magnet which makes it easier for someone to steal it.

Here is all the necessary information you might need before choosing from the best home security cameras for yourself. According to different needs, there are different cameras. You would have acknowledged them by now. I hope you have founded your security camera fit.