With cinema halls still out of the picture because of the pandemic, a lot of us have been trying hard to recreate the experience at home. It could be through bigger TVs or better stereo sound quality, the need to delve deep into the long and complex cinematic experience is ever-growing. However, TVs and traditional media aren’t just as good for the job and that is why many people are moving towards a projector. 

A projector, besides playing movies, boasts several different benefits like portability, no dependency on the internet, and a movie experience of that of a cinema hall. After a huge slump in sales a decade earlier, projectors are coming back more reliably and efficiently. Projectors of today are not limited to constraints like a sub-standard video format or poor sound quality. Owing to change in technology, choosing the best home theater projectors for 2021 has never been this easy. You can easily choose a projector offering good quality, top-notch sound quality all coupled with an excellent color scheme. 

Doesn’t matter if you need a 4K projector, need something to carry around, or something that enhances the charm of your HD sources, we will help you choose the best home theater projectors for 2021 that would surely add a unique charm to your house. A few tips on the way mixed with a proper buying guide would let you choose the right projector. 

Best Home Theater Projectors 2021

The list loosely centers around and compares the print, image quality, sound quality, and price ranges to help you make the right decision. Keeping that in mind, just scroll down and look for the best home theater projectors for 2021. 

Epson Home Cinema 5050 Hub

If you are looking for a projector to render a feeling of awe and something that would instantly captivate you with its quality, then Epson Home Cinema 5050 HUb is something that should be on your mind. The big screen entertainer bringing the comfort of cinema to your home is the best option one could ever go for. Currently available at affordable prices, the projector can instantly turn any room into a theater. Available at a steep price tag of $3000, this projector is your ultimate home solution. Easy to carry around and dynamic, the projector will screen your movies in 1080p, it is a sign-up in quality over time. 

Specs that makes Epson Home Cinema Hub stand out 

  • 4k enhancement resolution 
  • Up to 4000 hours of amp life
  • Motorized zoom of 2x

What keeps it among the list of  Best Home Theater Projectors For 2021

  • Superior overall picture quality 
  • One of the best contrast ratio 
  • A motorized lens for a much clear view 
  • Flexible lens shift and a motorized zoom feature

The projector stands out from the competitors in all areas and is an all-rounder utility gadget. 

BenQ HT2050A

Perhaps a surprise to all the projector enthusiasts out there. But low wasn’t the only reason this projector got featured on this list. Ben Q is a solid 10 when it comes to color contrast, brightness, and accurate imaging. The projector would sharply produce neat bright images that would bring alive the character in the movie. If you have a small living room or want to purchase something for your kids’ then this is something to go for. Not only this, the projector is aesthetically appealing to the eyes and you will surely be hooked by the features it offers under the price of $1000. 

BenQ: Specs you should look out for 

  • 1080p resolution with clear bright images 
  • Zoom up to 1.3x
  • Manual lens shift design 
  • Up to 3500 hours of lamp life

Great things that keep it in the list of  Best Home Theater Projectors For 2021

  • Great contrast quality with white pictures 
  • Realistic and accurate colors showcasing 
  • Lens shift

Go for this projector if you fear going overboard with the price or looking to take a projector for a minimal period.

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Sony VPL- VE325ES

Sony has become the symbol for perfection whether it comes to movies, cameras, or home projectors. Talking about the best home theater projectors for 2021 and not including a Sony projector is a cardinal sin. The stunning projector is a fresh take on how a projector should look like. Although a little expensive, the projector is worth every penny and the quality of pictures it renders is incredible. The projector renders an unforgettable epic home theater experience and will create moments of magic as you play this at your home. 

Specs you should know about- 

  • HDR compatibility 
  • 4096X2160 pixel rendition 
  • Motorized zoom up to 2x 
  • 4k compatibility 

Things that place it amongst  the category  of best home theater projectors For 2021

  • A stunning rendering of images
  • Best-in-class contrast ratio 
  • Quieter and beautiful 

You need to look at other projectors if you have a budget for this one. 

Optoma UHD35

Tiny case, low price boasting tons of features that even expensive ones don’t. What more could you ask for in a projector? Although certain things may not be as good as the previous ones listed here in the list, you can be assured that the projector is still amongst the best in the industry. The projector packs a great deal of stuff and you will be well-contained once you purchase it. 

Specs you should know about- 

  • The projector comes with a native resolution of 3,840×2,160 pixels
  • HDR and 4k compatibility 
  • Manual zoom
  • And an extended lamp life of up to 10,000 hours 

The feature we like the most- 

  • Click the bright picture with a clear sharpness
  • Accurate color scheming 
  • Budget-friendly 

Anker Nebula Mars 2 pro

Compact than a can of soda and well equipped with wireless internet features, the projector is the most surprising entry in the list of projectors. The projector comes with a well-designed handle and even a seamless Bluetooth feature that lets you play through the phone. The crystal clear images and built-in batteries make it the most on the list. 

Specs you should know about- 

  • The projector offers a native resolution of 1,280×720 pixels. 
  • Lamp Life of up to 30,000 hours

Features we like the most- 

  • Compact and portable size 
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Loud and efficient speakers

So, which one are you going to buy? Let us know from the comments and jump on the bandwagon of endless entertainment.