Smart light switches can light up your home with a voice command or turn them off from bed, especially when you feel lethargic to take another step. Choosing the best smart light switches not only looks premium but it’s also a flexible option to make your home smart and veterans alike. At the same time, these cool switches offer a new way to control your home via mobile apps or build-in voice commands for an effective experience. 

The tech experts of GadgetsWhy came up with a range of smart light switches that will surely make your home modern and technology-driven. Our top picks for the best smart light switches are based on several factors including ease of installation, the responsiveness of the app, compatibility with smart streaming devices, etc.  

Benefits of Using Smart Light Switches – 

Like your traditional installed light switches, most smart light switches available in the market have a physical toggle, or button to turn on the lights. However, as compared to traditional ones, these come with the integration of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and voice commands that makes them a smart choice for home automation systems. You can easily control these switches from your smartphones or by taking the help of voice assistants Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Home.

Also, you will be benefited to receive astounding features like timers and schedules that will help you to turn lights on or off, even if you are not at home. Check the major benefits of these switches:  

  • Take Care of Your Convenience: Being able to turn the lights on or off remotely or with voice control is the main advantage for most. At the point when you’re too lazy to take any further step just to turn lights off, you’ll understand this point.
  • Best for Security: You can rely on scheduled timers to improve home security, as these switches offer the best medium by controlling the lights. You can set timers at your convenience. 
  • Energy Savings Is Our Priority: Your smart switches dimming capabilities can significantly cut down your power bill. It’s also important that that smart switches are a less expensive choice to keen bulbs in an entire house arrangement.
  • Easy to Control: You can make a genuinely customized experience utilizing intuitive controls that work consistently with your home Wi-Fi network. A smart switch can turn on your external lights when you are minutes away from home or set your lounge blinds to move down at sunset.

Our 2021 Picks of Smart Light Switches For Your Home 

#1 Lutron Caséta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch

The Lutron Caséta accompanies an advantageous remote controller, and it’s easy to install with most major smart home devices. It is a versatile option that will work effortlessly with your Apple HomeKit, Google Home, an Amazon Echo, Nest, or IFTTT. Users can use their Echo speakers to turn on or off the smart lights with a voice command. Features like vacation scene (to turn lights off at a specific time) make it stand out in the industry from its competitors, plus it makes a worthy decision to add the device in your smart home.

Pros: Easy to use to fulfill all your requirements, No wiring set up needed, Separate buttons

Cons: The device is pricey as compared to others, Requires 24 Hours internet connection

#2 Wemo Smart Light Switch (2nd Gen)

The Wemo Smart Light Switch (second Gen) offers a perfect blend of harmony among quality and cost as our pick for the best worth. While it’s not as reasonable in terms of pricing, but it has an overall higher build quality along with a longer warranty. A feature that grabs our attention is that it works seamlessly with Apple HomeKit, which makes it the best smart switch amongst others. Other than this, it also works with Google, IFTTT, and Alexa and provides a well-rounded suite of smart home devices.

To function this smart switch, all you need to do is just make sure to download the Wemo app on your smartphone. 

Pros: The build quality is good, Support Apple HomeKit, Enable users to group multiple devices, Affordable device

Cons: No 3-way support, A lot cheaper options are available, Requires wired setup

#3 Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer

Consider buying a smart switch, then Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer offers a massive advantage over others. The device comes with ample features including Wi-Fi dimmers, standard switches, ceiling fan controllers, a smart switch with a built-in Alexa smart speaker support, and even a remote control. What catches our eyeballs is that it comes with two interchangeable colors to match your home walls: white and almond. 

Apart from this, if you like to get more color options, then take a color change kit and ask for the custom color that you like. The color-changing scheme includes colors like black, gray, brown, and ivory. 

Pros: Wide range of switches, Brilliant smart home compatibility, Customizable faceplates with a large selection of colors

Cons: Requires neutral wiring setup, Above-average price 

#4 TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch (HS200)

The TP-Link Kasa is one of the best smart light switches for those who don’t want to go over budget at any cost. The precious smart light switch is well-equipped with plenty of practical features like smart models, which include timers and voice controls from the best AI voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. The built-in sensors of TP-Link Kasa detect motion levels, therefore once you enter your home it will automatically activate the lights. Even more impressive feature is the ambient light sensor, which can easily adjust the lights based on how much light a room required. This is a great and efficient energy-saving feature that helps to save more money on the electricity bill. 

Pros: Easily detects ambient light levels, Excellent Built-in motion sensor

Cons: Occurrence of occasional sensor issue

#5 Brilliant Smart Home Control Panel

The touchscreen option with a tiny smart display makes the Brilliant Smart Home Control Panel stands out. We also like the fact that it replaces the complete concept of the smart home device by adding a smart camera, lights, doorbells, locks, switches, thermostats, and streaming music services, all in one. You can easily adjust volume and music playback, but unfortunately, popular music apps like Spotify will not be connected with the Brilliant Control Panel. It’s a cool futuristic switch that comes with a huge price of $300. 

Pros – Best touchscreen options available, Futuristic device 

Cons – Expensive