In this article, we will discuss how to fix Samsung TV volume stuck. Sound issues in Samsung TVs can occur due to trivial issues. In such cases, it is a waste of energy and money in asking for help from the service center. Hence, one should at least try basic troubleshooting steps. These are not very difficult processes. As a matter of fact, these are some of the basic things that everyone must know. In this article, you will also get to know about some common causes and their troubleshooting methods.

What are some of the usual sources of sound problems?

  • Television
  • Cables
  • HDMI cable
  • Set-top box/ external device
  • Settings issue

How to fix Samsung TV volume stuck Software issues causing the sound problem?

  • The connections to the TV can be disconnected from the software of the TV. Even though the cables are connected properly. You will still not hear any voice if this is the problem.

    How to Troubleshoot?
    • You can reboot the television quickly. For this, you will have to unplug the connecting cord of the TV from the main supply. Now, wait for some time. Insert the plug again. Now, your TV should work fine. You should be able to hear all the musical voices!
  • Many times children play with the TV remote. So, they can also cause issues in the settings of the TV. Hence, there can be some issues in the audio settings of the TV. These can occur if someone tempers the settings without the proper information. In this case, the software will not work according to the hardware needs.

    How to Troubleshoot?
    • To troubleshoot this problem, you will have to run a factory reset of the TV. This sends the TV to all the default settings. This process can resolve if there is an issue with the software of the TV.

Here are the steps to fix the Samsung TV volume stuck:

  1. Start the process by performing a sound test. This is a preliminary and crucial step. For this, you will have to perform a series of commands on your TV. These are:
  • Visit the Samsung TV settings option.
  • Then you have to go to the support option.
  • After this, check for self-diagnosis followed by a sound test option.
  • See for the results and if found a problem then you will have to reset sound settings.
  1. Next, you will have to look for any updates related to sound settings. Many times software updates bring significant changes to the TV. You can refer to the TV guide of Samsung for more information. Follow the steps to look for new updates:
  • Visit the Samsung TV settings option.
  • Then you have to go to the support option.
  • After this look for the Software Update option in the support menu.
  • If there is any update then go for downloading it. Simultaneously, you will have to check if the external device is also updated. There can be some updates on the external device. This can also cause sound problems. You can refer to the TV guide of Samsung for more information.
  1. In case both the above processes do not work. Then you will have to check the HDMI cable. However, first, you have to make sure that your TV model works with HDMI. In new TVs, these cables are not present. Also, check the length of the HDMI cable. This troubleshoot test does not work for cable longer than 2m. it is also not applicable for soundbar and home theatre systems. Follow these simple steps:
  • Visit the Samsung TV settings option.
  • Then you have to go to the support option.
  • After this, check for self-diagnosis followed by the signal information option.
  • Then you have to look for and tap on the HDMI cable test option.
  • Once you find the test, simply click to start the test.
  • The test will show the condition of the cable. If it indicates bad cables then you will have to change them.
  1. However, if the test says the HDMI cable is fine. Then you will have to check for the connecting cord/cable between the TV and external device. In this test, you will simply have to disconnect and reconnect the cables. May times loose connection causes voice dropouts. So, this will reboot the system connections and physically reset the sound.
  2. In case you have a set-top box. Then contact the satellite provider for weak signals. Many times, weak signals can cause sound issues.
  3. If nothing from the above works, then take the cable and connect to a different device. If there are no sound issues in the other device. This indicates that the external device is at fault. In this case, contact the manufacturer of the external box.
  4. Well, if you have reached here then I’m sorry you cannot repair this issue on your own. You will have to call the service providers to look into the matter.
fix Samsung volume stuck by altering cable connections

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How to know if the external device is causing the problem?

A- A TV functions with the help of a signal provider/ feed. This can be a cable box, stream, satellite box, etc. The audio problem can be in the signal provider too. For troubleshooting, in this case, you will have to change the feed to something else. For this instead of streaming over the fee, switch to wifi and cast something on the TV. Now if you can hear sounds from the TV, then the feed is not working. Otherwise, the TV is not working fine.

Q- How do troubleshoot if there is a problem with the cables?

A- Check the cables connecting the Audio port of the TV to the other devices like the box. Often we mix the cables while inserting them back. This can be a cause of the audio problem. For audio to function properly, the audio cable should be connected to the audio port. Also, at times the cable gets worn out from inside. This causes them to malfunction. Try unplugging and then plugging cables. If this does not work then, replace the cables with new ones!