Apple Music is perhaps the most popular streaming service available on IOS. Apple iPhone users primarily prefer using the Apple Music app to listen to their favorite songs. This brings us to a common query that every other user has: How to see your top artists on Apple Music? 

 We will be discussing more on how to find top artists on Apple Music. 

At present, there are more than 75 million songs from which a user can choose the best song suited for their mood and create their playlist. This makes Apple Music one of the most popular music apps on IOS, and hence accounting for a large number of subscribers.

How to find top artists on Apple Music

Finding the Top artists on the Apple Music Library requires certain steps to be followed. You need to remember that the analytics are not available on the Apple Music app itself. Therefore, you are required to navigate to In order to access the analytics and other details, you need to have a subscription to Apple Music.

You can then find your top artists on Apple Music by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Sign in with your Apple Music ID, make sure to use the same Id you use on your phone.
  • Then select Get Your Replay Mix.

You shall get a detailed analysis of the songs you have played, the albums they belong to, and hence the artist you have listened to. You can then scroll down to find detailed insights about the music, the artists, the playtime, albums, etc. Thus, giving your top artist on Apple Music. You can also view your top 10 artists on Apple music there itself.

How does Apple Music help you find your top artist?

Apple Music Replay refers to your Apple Music data to deduce the number of plays, corresponding artists, and albums a user has listened to. Along with this, it considers certain criteria as well.

  • Music played on any device that’s signed in to Apple Music with your Apple ID is also counted.
  • It doesn’t include any data with “User Listening History” turned off
  • It only counts the music that’s available in the Apple Music catalog
  • The songs that are played in your library must be synced with your Apple Music subscription in order to be considered
  • There should be a minimum amount of plays and duration of listening to a song, artist, or album.

You can add your replay list to the library and then share it with your friends like any other playlist you share through the Apple Music app.

Apple Music has proven to be an amazing choice for almost all IOS users. Now that you know how to find your top artist on Apple Music, it makes reliving the playlists even more fun and easy.