Apple iPhone has dominated the smartphone market for a decade now. Each year, users throughout the globe anticipate an announcement or two from the Tycoon. Since late 2020, people have been awaiting announcements or news related to the Apple iPhone 13. Over the years, Apple has built a loyal clientele for its products, especially iPhones. Apple’s iPhone 13 features and specs would make many more individuals interested in the latest addition to Apple’s smartphone line-up. Let’s have a look at all that we know about the latest iPhone 13 news, iPhone 13 price, and iPhone 13 release date.

Apple iPhone 13 Features and Specs

The Apple iPhone 13 is one of the most anticipated phones of the year. The leaked news and details for the upcoming iPhone can be considered no less than promising. The Apple iPhone 13 features and Specs have quite a several upgrades according

  • Face ID Scanner Chip – The Apple iPhone 13 is expected to have a smaller VCSEL chip which is used by the Face ID scanner signifying that the size of the notch on the Apple iPhone 13 would be relatively smaller.
  • Touch ID Sensor – The latest iPhone 13 news also suggests that it would have a Touch ID sensor under the phone’s display
  • Display – Another upgrade to the newest iPhone model will be its display. The developers are planning on bringing a 120Hz refresh rate to 6.1-inch variants, which means that the scrolling would be smoother along with better gameplay and video rendering. There are also reports of Apple going for an LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) Panel which would be developed by Samsung Display. This would enhance the refresh rate, battery consumption, and overall performance of the iPhone.
  • Chipset – Post the A14 Bionic chip for iPhone 12, Apple would be upgrading the chipset for the iPhone 13 to A15 Bionic according to the latest Apple iPhone 13 news.
  • Storage – The Apple iPhone 13 might even introduce a 1TB variant along with a 512 GB one, according to reports.
  • Connectivity & Data Transmission – Wireless Connectivity is set to get notable upgrades with the new iPhone. This would result in faster 5G connections and better battery backup along with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. Apple is also supposedly bringing LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) boards in the latest iPhone for faster data transmission.
  • Camera – One of apple’s salient features has been the iPhone’s camera. Apple iPhone 13 is expected to have a 6-element ultra-wide lens for better image capture and quality. The size of the lens has also been speculated to be bigger than its predecessor according to the latest iPhone 13 news.
  • Charging – The iPhone 12 already had a 20W charger so it would be interesting to see if Apple can upgrade this feature since there are no concrete reports on the charging capacity of the latest iPhone.
  • Operating System – The Latest iPhone is sure to have the IOS 15 which would be the next in line after IOS 14 used in the iPhone 12.

iPhone 13 Design

The iPhone 13 Design has certain tweaks which would bring a fresh breeze of air for the tech giants along with the consumers.

  • New Colours – The latest iPhone might bring Black Matte shade along with Orange and Bronze with the speculation of Space Grey returning. This adds to the range of colors iPhone 13 designs would be available in.
  • Smaller Notch – The Face ID notch would be narrower since the chip is 50% smaller as compared to its predecessor, giving the iPhone 13 Design much more attractive. The Latest iPhone news suggests that the sizes would be in the same range as iPhone 12, 12Pro, and 12Pro Max.

iPhone 13 Price

iPhone prices always hover around those of its predecessors. This means that the iPhone 13 price can be around the same price range as that of the iPhone 12. Therefore, making the iPhone 13 prices be in the range of $699 to $1099.

iPhone 13 Release Date

Apple has had a habit of releasing its flagship iPhones in September, especially on the last Friday of September. If we go by the trends, then the iPhone 13 release date could be somewhere around 24th September. Since Apple postponed its release due to Covid previously, we can assume that the iPhone 13 release date might be postponed to 13th October.

If the latest iPhone 13 news is to be believed, we are almost 4 months away from the iPhone 13 release date but the hype is as if it will be launched next week. The iPhone 13 features and specs suggest that the newest version would get a lot of attention. Are you excited about the Apple iPhone 13?