It is that time of the year when 32 teams compete against each other to win the prestigious cup while millions of Americans watch, with an elevated heartbeat, their favorite team scoring a wonderful goal. If Basketball is the essence of pop culture, then NFL is surely the heart of America. How can you even call yourself American if you don’t like watching, even the repeated ones, football matches with your friends? 

If you are a die-hard NFL fan or just watch it for the fun of it, then is an important site for you to remember. The site will let you watch all games in the comfort of your house. Gone are the days when we had to shell out hundreds of dollars just to watch our favorite player getting battered by the opposite team. With, you can watch all your favorite games in one place while spending quality time with your family. 

Don’t like football? Well, the pay-TV channel has more than you can expect. If you like to see in-depth game analyses, specials, and documentaries, will allow you to do that. All you need is an active subscription and a little bit of your time to get started with Not just this, you can watch NFL on any device without having to worry about compatibility. 

Thursday night football games are magic, and is giving you a chance to become comprehensive with the game. But before you start with the activation process, just follow some simple steps- 

  • You can watch NFL on any device, all you need is a subscription to your pay per TV 
  • You can try contacting your cable provider and subscribe to the package given
  • After you are done with all this, scroll down and begin streaming your content online on several different platforms 

What to know before subscribing to the NFL?

  • Make sure you are subscribed to the NFL cable TV channel 
  • You need to make sure of an active internet connection at your house
  • Complete your registration with your registered mobile number every time they ask for it

How to stream NFL on Roku? 

How can one miss that beautiful ball swaying in the air before touching the hand of the fellow athlete? Well, if you don’t wish to then follow the steps mentioned below to stream NFL on Roku- 

  • Make sure Roku is updated to its latest version 
  • You need to visit the Roku Home screen 
  • Navigate through the Roku app store and search NFL network or NFL
  • Time to select the channel and click on the installation 
  • After installation, visit your home screen and open the app
  • You will see an activation code right at the front 
  • In the next step, visit 
  • Choose your cable TV provider from the list 
  • And enter the activation code sent to your registered contact info
  • Sign in and you will be able to steam all your favorite NFL content in one place

How to access on Fire TV?

Fire TV lets you watch anything at any time. Follow these steps- 

  • Launch the home screen of your Fire Stick
  • Open application bar
  • Navigate through the sports section and find the NFL network 
  • Click and install it on your device
  • Enter the registration details 
  • Open your browser and visit 
  • Enter the activation code on your registered contact info 
  • And voila! You are all set to watch all the amazing shows the NFL has to offer.


Who said Playstation is all about games? You can watch it to stream content as well. Just make sure you have a prompt internet connection and rest assured, you will never run out of things to watch. Although it’s a bit complicated to look at first, just bear with us and watch the steps closely – 

  • Open your Playstation and look for the TV and Video option 
  • Open Playstation app store and search for the app NFL or NFL Network 
  • Install the application and click open 
  • Have an id with an NFL game pass? Then enter the id and wait for an activation code
  • Go to 
  • Enter the activation code and you are all set to watch NFL on your Playstation 

CBS All Access 

  • Go to your device application store 
  • Search for CBS all access 
  • Install and launch the app on TV
  • Log in with your registered credentials 
  • And select Live TV to enjoy NFL on your smart TV


  • The first step is to subscribe to a package offered by Xfinity. The member will cost you between 100 to 200 bucks and you will be ready to watch sports documentaries 
  • Then download the app NFL Network and wait for it to get installed 
  • Launch the app to on your TV to get an activation code 
  • Visit after you have the activation code 
  • Select Xfinity as your provider and click continue 
  • And you will be ready to watch your favorite content in one place

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What should I do If I can’t generate an activation code? 

Don’t panic, and try restarting your device before visiting through the browser. Or maybe try installing and uninstalling the app before going forward and it will surely work. If it’s still not working, then try contacting your cable TV provider and present them with the query. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. Is the NFL game pass valid on how many devices?

There is only one log-in rule associated with the game pass. Services cannot be accessed simultaneously, even if they are not using the same network. 

A timed-out server message will be sent to your device if you try logging in to several devices at once. 

Q. Does the NFL offer a free trial? 

Yes, the first seven days offered by the streaming service are free. Just enjoy watching all your previous season games and inside documentaries through it. 

Q. Do I have to pay for NFL Network?

You will have to subscribe to the pay-TV channel of the NFL by contacting your cable TV provider.