Did your Instagram account get hacked and you lost all or some of the posts as a result? Ever deleted an Instagram post in the heat of the moment? Ever been pranked by a sibling or a friend and ended up deleting a post on your Instagram feed? Want those posts back just for old time’s sake? Looks like Instagram has made it easier to recover deleted posts. Yes indeed, Instagram rolled out the Recently Deleted folder, here’s all that we know.

Recover Deleted Instagram Posts

Instagram is one of its press releases recently announced a new feature that they were all set to roll out new feature called the Recently Deleted feature. Not only did Instagram mention that they had received a lot of useful recommendations for this feature but they also mentioned that it was a necessity. The newest feature aids those who might have frivolously deleted stuff from Instagram and wants it back or users whose accounts got hacked. Let us learn more about this feature.

Recover Deleted Instagram Posts: Addressing Users’ Concerns

By introducing the feature, Instagram not only added another feather to their hat but also proved that user satisfaction is of foremost priority to them. Instagram got many feedbacks that suggested the addition of something like the Recently Deleted feature. This obviously is available on the Instagram app.

Another concern that Instagram addressed was the anonymous hacks that would result in the need for restoration of posts, photos and videos amongst others. They added that they have improved the security of and for accounts and it would be difficult for hackers to delete or remove content. 

Instagram would prompt the user for Identification in order to proceed with a permanent deletion or removal from the account. This tweak can serve as an added line of defense against hackers and loss of data. Instagram rolled out updates with the Recently Deleted feature in February 2021. 

Recover Deleted Instagram Posts – How does the new feature work?

The Recently Deleted feature comes with certain sub-features that make it unique in its own way. Let us understand how it works and how it can be a huge asset for millions of users worldwide.

  • Removed posts, reels, photos and videos are moved to a destination called the Recently Deleted folder. 
  • The items stay there for 30 days before they are permanently removed. 
  • Unarchived stories that are removed stay in the Recently Deleted folder for 24 hours before they are permanently deleted.

In order to access the folder, you’ll have to visit your account page where there would be an option with the name Recently Deleted folder in the settings menu. You can choose to permanently remove them or delete them or restore them from there.

What happens to the deleted Instagram data?

Instagram also specified a few things which are in compliance with the Instagram Terms of Service and its Privacy Policy. The data wouldn’t be shared of course but there are certain things every user should be aware of.

  • During those 30 days, that data is subject to Instagram’s terms of service and privacy policy. This means it cannot be accessed by any user.
  • Post the total removal of the data from the user’s end or at the end of 30 days, instagram takes somewhere around 90 days to completely delete the data. 

This means that the data stays with Instagram and may be kept for longer in case of legal issues, accidents, violation of terms, acts of harm, or wrong intentions. Instagram keeps a copy of the data as a backup just to be on the safer side. These terms are subject to violation of Instagram Policies and no other user can access the content. Therefore the privacy of the user is nowhere being jeopardized. 

Recover Deleted Instagram Posts – How to restore lost data?

Restoring lost data is not as hard as the mechanism and the processes might make it seem. Here is an easier iteration of the restoration process:

  • Tap on the bottom left of the screen, where the profile picture can be seen
  • Navigate to the top right corner of the screen and then tap on Instagram Settings
  • Then tap on Account → Recently Deleted (May be empty in case you haven’t deleted anything recently)
  • You can then choose the post, feed, video or photo that you want ro restore.
  • Once you have selected the desired file, tap on the file and then tap on the three dots at the top corner. 
  • Choose Restore or Restore in profile to restore the content , or delete it  

The process of restoring the data which was deleted by some other individual, a hacker or 

The “Recently Deleted” posts feature might save a lot of people from being a victim of unpredictable situations and losing out on essential digital content. The recent feature that Instagram announced has been proving to do exactly that with slightly below 5 months since its introduction. What are your views on Instagram’s latest feature?