Samsung TVs are, without a doubt, one of the most popular smart TV brands on the market. Samsun is well-known for its TV products’ dependability and quality. Some users, however, have issues with the Samsung TV remote control, especially the dreaded blinking red light. If your Samsung TV remote is not working and the red light blinks, you most likely have difficulty connecting it with your Samsung television. Resetting the Samsung remote control is frequently the solution to this problem. A remote control reset can be done in a variety of ways.’’

Meaning of the indication while Samsung TV remote is not working- 

A red flashing LED on your Samsung remote control usually means there’s an issue with communication between the remote and the Samsung TV. This communication issue could be caused by a number of factors. When your Samsung TV remote control isn’t working and the red LED light is blinking, try the following methods.

Here is what you can do when your Samsung TV remote is not working

Check the Remote Control’s Batteries

  • Check the batteries in your Samsung remote control before proceeding with any additional diagnostics or repairs. Low-charge batteries may prohibit the remote control from partnering with the Samsung television. Open the remote control’s battery compartment. Without a voltmeter or multi-meter, checking the charge level of batteries is difficult. Before proceeding, we recommend replacing the Samsung remote control batteries with new, fresh batteries.
  • Make sure the batteries are properly inserted. The remote control will not work if the batteries are turned in the wrong direction. Once the batteries have been changed and fitted correctly in the remote control, test it for proper operation. This could be the cause why your Samsung TV remote is not working, often, this easy procedure will solve your Samsung remote control problem.

Check to see whether your Samsung TV’s remote control sensor is blocked

  • The remote control sensor on your Samsung TV is often obscured by anything. The signals from the remote may not be seen if the remote control sensor does not have a clear view of the room in front of the TV. The remote control sensor is usually found on the lower right-hand side of most Samsung TVs. On some versions, the sensor is located at the bottom of the TV, in the middle, beneath the screen. There should be nothing in front of the remote control sensor that could interfere with the signal.
  • Dust or other debris can occasionally creep into the aperture on the TV case in front of the sensor. With a soft cloth or a cotton swab, carefully clean this opening. Any type of liquid or spray cleanser should be avoided because it may damage the sensor.

Attempt to re-pair the remote control

  • Even though the batteries in your remote control have been replaced, the remote control may need to be repaired with the Samsung TV before it will work in some circumstances. The communication link between the remote and the television is re-established by re-pairing the two. The pairing procedure is started in somewhat various ways by different remote controls and Samsung TVs. Depending on the model and type of remote control, these actions will usually start the pairing process.
  • Turn on your Samsung TV with the Samsung Smart Remote. Make sure your TV’s remote control sensor is visible and that the remote control is pointed at the TV. At the same moment, press and hold the RETURN and PLAY/PAUSE buttons. The re-paring operation should begin as a result of this. A success message will appear on your Samsung TV if the operation has been completed successfully.
  • Pairing Older Samsung TV Remotes Press any button on the remote control except the power button while the TV is turned on. If the remote is not properly paired, a notice with instructions will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen. The TV and remote will try to connect. If it doesn’t work, get close to the remote sensor and simultaneously push the GUIDE and RETURN buttons on the remote control.
  • The pairing and setup instructions will differ substantially if you have changed your Samsung TV remote with a universal type remote. To guarantee that your Samsung TV and the universal remote communicate properly, follow the instructions that come with the universal remote.

Ascertain that the distance between the remote and the TV’s sensor is within range

  • Samsung Although televisions and remote controls are fantastic items, they do have limitations. A Samsung remote can reach a maximum distance of roughly ten meters (thirty feet). Although this distance is more than the proportions of most rooms in most homes, it may be significant in specific instances.
  • Furthermore, the remote sensor must have a clear view of the entire room. You may find that the remote control does not operate in certain regions of a large room, such as on each side of the television. Stand immediately in front of the television and point the remote control at the remote sensor on the front of the television to test its functions.

Eliminate Any Potential Interference

Other gadgets and remote controls could potentially interfere with the function of your Samsung TV remote control. To ensure that there is no interference, remove all other gadgets and remote controls from the vicinity. Retry your Samsung remote control once you’re certain there are no other probable sources of interference. This way you can fix it when the Samsung TV remote is not working. 

A Remote Control That Isn’t Working

  • It is possible to have a malfunctioning remote control, albeit this is uncommon. In some houses, remote controllers are often used. These handy small gadgets are vulnerable to a variety of threats. Although remote controllers may appear to be in good condition, spills or drops can cause damage to the internal components of your Samsung remote control. 
  • Some damage is more visible and simpler to identify than others. Pet damage is one of the most common causes of Samsung remote control damage. Remote control is often mistaken for a chew toy by pets. A single well-placed tooth can cause a remote control to malfunction, displaying a flickering red LED light.
  • Normal wear and tear must also be taken into account. A Samsung remote control’s buttons can fail without displaying any symptoms of wear. A button may become stuck in the contact position, causing the remote control to display the red blinking LED. The only option is to replace the faulty remote control with a new Samsung remote in this scenario.

Is it possible to repair Samsung remote controls?

Yes, depending on the type of damage or issue, a Samsung remote control can be repaired. A competent electronics specialist may be able to locate and replace a damaged electronic component. In most cases, damage to the circuit board in the remote control cannot be repaired. Overall, considering the low cost of a replacement Samsung remote control, ordering a new remote control is usually more cost-effective than attempting to fix an old remote.

Overall, considering the low cost of a replacement Samsung remote control, ordering a new remote control is usually more cost-effective than attempting to fix an old remote. If the problem is not that serious then you can fix it when the Samsung TV remote is not working.