Are you witnessing some weird activities on your phone? Are those activities are not usual? With developing technologies illicit activities are increasing side by side.  People are concerned if their phone is being monitored by someone. It’s hard to tell anyhow. However, there are some signs which tell whether your personal information data on your phone is in danger. There are some instant signs of phone monitoring or tapping which start to appear as soon as someone tries to spy on your device or phone activities.

Signs of Phone Monitoring

Abnormal noise (Sign of Phone Monitoring)

In case your phone is making weird or unusual noise like high-pitched humming, beeping, clicking, or static then it might be a sign of your phone is being tapped. Even on phone calls if you witness some unusual noises in the background that could also be a concern. You can detect these noises through a sound-bandwidth sensor on a low frequency. This sensor detects the inaudible noises per minute. If it detects numerous noises per minute then it a sure sign of the phone being tapped.

Poor battery life (Sign of Phone Monitoring)

Apart from the fact that your phone is over a year old if your phone witness a short battery life then this could also be a sign of your phone being tapped. Additionally, if you promptly start noticing over-heating problems then it could also be a sign. This happens due to the software being used for tapping your phone taking up your battery. On the other side observe your phone’s activity closely if you are using your phone too much then this could also be a reason for the larger consumption of the battery.

Taking too long to shut down (Sign of Phone Monitoring)

If your phone starts taking too much time for responding to any of the activity then someone might be monitoring your phone. If you witness your phone is not fully shut down or the backlight stays even after the process being done. It might mean someone could be using software connected to your phone.

Unusual activities (Sign of Phone Monitoring)

In case you see your apps start opening or shutting on their own then it might be someone else tapping your phone. Some of the weird activities might be, you start receiving suspicious text messages that contain weird words and/or numbers from an unknown source, Pop ads start appearing frequently and take too long to close, icons moving from one page to another by itself and the biggest concern is when your personal details or data release on the internet by itself.

Electronic interventions (Sign of Phone Monitoring)

Most of the time it’s common when place two electronic devices together results in some electronic interferences. However, what uncommon is when your phone is not around any of the electronic devices encounters electronic interferences. Observe when you hear any unusual sound it might be a sign of someone hearing your calls.

Increased phone bill (Sign of Phone Monitoring)

In case your usage is comparatively high then it’s normal to have increased phone bills but in case your usage is low even then you are receiving a higher than usual phone bill then it’s a matter of concern. Someone else might be interfering and using your data for monitoring your phone leads to increased phone bills.

Third-party apps (Sign of Phone Monitoring)

Generally, apps that have been downloaded from other than Google play store or App store then it’s a concern to some extent. There is a high chance of getting your phone tapped through these apps as many of these unreliable sources are totally fake which leads to tapping.  

In case you are noticing any of the signs consider all the other likely reasons as well. Sometimes it’s not always tapping or monitoring but sometimes it is, based on the other factors as well. Observe carefully and you would get to know if your phone is being tapped or not.

Useful codes to check who is using monitoring your phone

Codes are shortcuts for detecting if your personal data is being forwarded or taken away. These codes will assist in acknowledging the activities being done with your personal data or information. These codes will tell us the current status of your personal data. Here are those codes-


Do you doubt whether your text messages and calls are being monitored? This will show the current status of your text messages and calls in case they are diverting towards another source. You will get the detailed status of your text messages and calls on your phone’s screen.


Are you concerned if your phone is being tapped? If you dial this code it will shut down all the diversions that were running in the background of your phone.


If you dial this code it will show where your phone calls and messages are diverted and/or forwarded to. Mainly, it will show the other sources that are being used by the person monitoring your phone.


This code will assist in finding the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) code of your phone. In case your phone misplaced and you witness that your personal information is getting leak then you can easily know the location of your device and other details. 

Wrapping Up

With the world being introduced to monitoring tools alongside their easy accessibility, it is not very laborious to monitor an individual’s device or their mobile activities. Though these tools were developed for parental control or employee supervision, it is highly likely that people are misusing them. Whenever you find unusual apps or activities on your phone, try looking for the signs; however, it does not have to be a specific name or sign. You can look at anything as signs of phone monitoring if that arouses your suspicions. So check out anything you don’t recognize as well. If you see something that looks like spyware, red flag, remove it.