The distinctive Artificial Intelligence virtual assistant that redefined smartphone development. After being limited to Apple products for more than a decade, Apple’s indigenous Voice Assistant will soon be available on third-party devices. Apple made quite a few bold announcements at the conference. Let us take a closer look at Apple’s WWDC 21 announcements for Siri on third-party devices.  

Siri on Third-Party Devices
Siri coming to third party devices

Apple’s Developers Conference concluded recently, and it had loads of announcements from the tech giant. One of the highlights of the WorldWide Developers Conference was Apple’s announcement regarding Siri. The US-based tech giants announced that Siri would be available for voice commands on third-party devices for the first time since 2011.

The Conference had a lot of surprising announcements along with major additions to Apple’s legacy. Not only was Siri’s expansion one of the highlights of the conference but a major point to ponder upon as well
Apple did reveal more of its future plans including updates regarding iOS 15. So let’s understand how Apple intends to go about Siri’s expansion along with other updates. Before we explore other announcements Apple made, let’s dig into Siri’s expansion strategy. 

Siri for Third-Party Devices

Since it was first introduced in 2011, Siri’s introduction has been a benchmark for not only Apple but for the Smartphone industry. The development of Siri led to other virtual assistants’ development. The likes of Alexa and Google Assistant can be traced back to the inception of Siri. One major demerit on the part of Apple’s voice assistant was its limited availability.

This comes as a measure to expand the Smart Home network which Apple wants to encourage. Third-party devices which are developed using the Apple Homekit software or that have been developed using the same software. At present, it is available on a limited number of devices. The officials are sure that this would lead to an expansion of the much talked about virtual assistant.

The decision comes as an addition or rather a boost to the smart home features which Apple has always strived to develop. This initiative adds to the environment that Apple wants to create in its new smart home features initiative.

Siri won’t be directly associating with third-party devices instead users would require a device like the Apple HomePod to integrate with third-party devices. This way user data is not directly integrated with third-party devices and their personal data is not compromised.

The folks at Apple demonstrated the third party integration with the Ecobee thermostat. They showed that the device takes commands through the Voice assistant and executes them pretty accurately. As for now, the plans for its future are yet to be discussed from Apple’s end. The list of devices which are going to support Siri are limited but will soon witness an increase.

Siri: The virtual assistant to the rescue

There are speculations regarding Siri’s role in Apple’s expansion plan. Devices that have not been listed may or may not be able to integrate with Siri in the near future. This would make Apple contemplate introducing something like a Siri hub for various devices.

Since Apple has more or less made the usage of in-device Artificial Intelligence for the aid of virtual assistant, it would look for companies that adhere to these demands. This is majorly because Apple wants to enhance its privacy and security with this upgrade. The coming upgrades and announcements shall hence make it better shaped out for Apple as a whole.

Privacy Concerns

Apple has been very considerate about the privacy concerns of its users since the very inception of its being. There have been speculations regarding the violations in privacy with Apple’s latest announcement. Users across the globe accepted the idea of Siri being available for use on third-party devices with great enthusiasm.

Siri’s latest venture would ensure that the privacy of users is not compromised even for the slightest bit. Since the voice commands would be facilitated with the help of an offline database, the risk of a privacy breach is lower. The fact that third-party devices aren’t directly using Siri makes it slightly safer especially for users who have extra privacy concerns.

Other Announcements

The WWDC 21 was packed with announcements. Not only did Siri get talked about but there were announcements pertaining to the latest version of iOS. The latest version of Apple’s indigenous operating system, iOS 15 made several users anticipate its release. There were other additions like Facetime being available on non-Apple devices through web browsers, smarter notifications, and a lot more. Check out more about iOS 15 here.

Apple’s steadily growing affinity towards introducing its tech to third-party platforms can be termed as one of the most revolutionary announcements by far. The fact that Apple is gradually integrating its software with other platforms promises a great future for it. The competition for Apple would now directly be cross-platform giants like Google. Apple has been a name that never quite required an introduction but with the approaches, it is introducing, the integration and brand worth would simply skyrocket.

The future seems to packed with more and more good news for tech freaks and Apple fans. The next big announcement would make it better for all of us to understand on how Apple would like to proceed with its third-party integration program. Let us know what you think about this move from Apple.