Tracking the medical history is a herculean task. It is also a very important and crucial process. Any mistake can lead to a disaster as the life of a patient is at stake. However, modern technology has helped in minimizing the risk of keeping medical records. In this article, we will be guiding you about Therap login assistance. The Therap app is a service that helps medical agencies in the training process, billing, and personalized support. It is also an Electronic Health Record (EHR) keeper also.

What is the need for EHR?

An EHR is a program/system that enables medical institutions to collect and maintain the records of patients throughout the medical treatment. At times, medical professionals need past medical records of the patients to diagnose the illness. However, in the absence of a medical record or paper-based medical record, it becomes a challenge to go through the records. Hence, this system was developed. It helps to maintain the patient history and population data. This data is stored electronically and can be shared anywhere at any anytime.

An EHR includes a wide range of other functions as well. It consists of demographics, personal information like weight and height, test results, allergies, X-rays, vaccination status, and billing details.

Introduction to Therap login assistance

Therap is a web-based solution to many of the problems faced by medical agencies and patients across the United States. It is a service/ application that enables disability support agencies to carry out training, support modules, and billing more efficiently. Using Therap’s multiple features people can check for appointments. One-click will provide all the information about the staff and their location. It is also helpful in nursing plans and health assessments.

Why use Therap?

There are multiple reasons why to consider Therap as a solution to a very deep and at times messy problems of the health care industry. To avail of these benefits, all you need is Therap login assistance.

  • To start with, Therap helps health service providers to keep track of medical records for health assessments and their management.
  • It is helpful in eliminating medical errors while making and assessing records during any process.
  • One can make effective and easy nurse care plans with Therap. This can be a very exhausting exercise at times.
  • Therap is useful in billing and T-logs.
  • With Therap’s Scheduling modules, the staff members can check their appointments quickly on an iOS/ Android device. It is also feasible to record the staff located at different times and locations.
  • Therap is currently one of the most sought services for electronic billing and communication in the United States. It is serving about 6000 disability services providers.
  • Who are the main users of Therap?
  • As a matter of fact, the main users of Therap comprises health professionals, direct support providers, administrators, family members, individuals with disabilities in logging in, and guardians.
  • However, it can be used by others out of the medical professionals as well. It can be used by people dependent on electronic billing and continuous communication.

Requirements for Therap

There are some minimum software and hardware requirements that one should know before starting Therap login. There are as follows:


  • The hardware requirements for Therap are dependent on the Operating System. Hence. One should look for these specifications while buying any Operating system.
  • Requirements for display- The screen resolution should be 800*600 with a color quality of 32 bits.


  • For software, the major issues come with compatibility of the versions of wen browser and other applications. Make sure you check them before starting Therap login.
  • Internet Browser- Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 or more, Google Chrome
  • Adobe Reader- 5.0 or more
  • MS Excel- MS Excel 97-2003 (.xls – for importing files), MS Excel (.xlsx – for exporting files)
  • Whenever one is accessing Therap from the web, always ensure and allow the cookies and pop-ups. Otherwise, you will face issues in using the web application.

Requirements of Therap App

  • The Therap app will work only on Android systems that have an OS of at least 5.0 or more.
  • The Therap app will work only on iOS systems that have an OS of at least 11.0 or more.

Therap login assistance guide- get quick and easy steps

  • The first step is to launch any web browser on a device with a stable internet connection. Then you have to visit the login page of Therap. For this type, “”, in the search bar.
  • Alternatively, one can also first visit the official website of Therap. Then you will have to select the secure link present on the website (
  • This will launch and open the Therap login page. To exactly locate the login area, look at the upper right side corner.
  • However, if you would like to change the language of the application then go for the language change option. The option is present on the upper left side corner of the page. Once you select the desired language, the options will display in that language.
  • Now, to begin the Therap login assistance process, you will have to provide few details. Fill in your Login name, passcode/password, and Provider code. Then tap on the login link/option. Be careful when you fill in login details. They are case-sensitive also. However, if are not able to log in even after multiple attempts you should contact your supervisor for help.
  • You will also see a failure message on the login page if you enter the wrong details. This can also happen if the account is not in an active state. In such cases, you have to re-login. The option is present on the top right side corner.
  • As soon as you are logged in, you will be able to see a Logout option. The option appears at the top right side corner. If you no longer need the service, then click on the option and continue.
  • A successful logout will refresh your system and you will reach the login page again after 15 seconds.
  • Now, you have completed all the steps of Therap login assistance process. So, go ahead and save lives!

Few other apps like Therap to consider


This is another application that provides similar services like Therap. It is used in occupational, outpatient physical, and language-speech therapeutic services. WenPT currently supports 15000+ clinics and 80000+ therapies. It is operational in the US and Canada.


Therapy Brands is the developer. It is helpful in outpatient-pediatric physical, language therapy, and occupational practices in the US.


It is one of the main practice management problem-solvers for the health professional. SimplePractice is mostly used by private practitioners like social workers, therapists, language-speech pathologists, etc.