Anyone fond of trying new gadgets especially tech gadgets always wants to try their hands on the coolest and top ones on the market. And for sure, you can’t stop yourself from eying on them, but in case if you don’t need them then, what’s cooler than treating yourself by having those, from time to time, since these gadgets are definitely useful and undoubtedly makes your life easier. So, here we are, with our list of the top 10 coolest gadgets that are worth buying in 2021.

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Top 10 Coolest Gadgets Of 2021

Have a look on the following top 10 coolest gadgets of 2021:

1. Chromecast with Google TV


In the case of your TV, it might have a smart streaming interface like we have, Roku or WebOS, but these have no comparison when compare to the revised experience that comes with the new Chromecast with Google TV. And, this is not only an excellent 4K HDR streaming device but also the best streaming device you can buy right now in 2021. 

2. Facebook Portal+


Facebook Portal is a perfect piece of technology for 2021, it’s that era when many of us are still separated from our near and dear ones. The Portal from Facebook video calling system makes it easier and reliable for anyone to stay in touch with friends and family with just a click of a button (or the sound of an Alexa voice command).

3. Google Nest Mini


This is one of the first companies to make artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology available to the average person, Google is still one of, the top providers when it comes to voice assistants and smart home platforms. And also its most radical move was the Nest Mini, which is a small and cheap speaker that is fully permeated with the powers to command your smart home.

4. Oculus Quest 2


Virtual technology is on the way and all set to become a reality as soon as possible. And there is not a single VR device that flashes all that promise more than the Oculus Quest 2. Without any requirement for a powerful computer or special equipment device, you can simply strap the Quest 2 to your head, pick up the controllers and definitely can move freely in VR space, it is all because of its inside out technology, which uses cameras on the outside of the headset to track all your movement in the space around you.

5. Philips Hue Bulb with Dimmer


If you are talking about smart home gear, using a Philips Hue bulb for the first time, it is going to be a great and amazing experience for you, as once you will try it, you won’t feel like going back to the ordinary stuffusing earlier. This product may cost $75, but it gives you the perfect taste of what the smart home is all about. Simply put this bulb into any light socket, pair it with your phone (or your speaker that is powered by Google Assistant/Alexa), and prepare yourself to get impressed by the fact that you can control your lighting from anywhere in the home with just your smartphone or voice.

6. Anker Nebula Capsule Max


When it comes to thinking of home theater projectors, you simply assume that they require an overly involved installation process and a PhD-level knowledge of gear to set it all up in the home. But we are in an era where you can pull out the Anker Nebula Mars II. which is hardly bigger than a soda can, you can point it at a wall, and have it projecting an 80-inch, HD version of your favorite Netflix movie with minimal effort required.

7. Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Wi-Fi Speaker


This gadget can make the listener feel as if they are standing in the middle of a concert, Sony’s SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Wi-Fi speaker could be a revolutionary product for you. It is not only a piece of hardware but also, 360 Reality Audio is an entire platform that provides you with music-focused 3D sound. It also provides live content like Dolby Atmos, so that you can easily enjoy shows and concerts in these pandemic times.

8. Apple Watch Series 6


With every passing year since the launch of 2014, the Apple Watch has continued to become a more and more useful and attractive source in the lives of the mediocre person. Starting from conveniently providing phone notifications, tracking workouts, monitoring vital signs, or making calls without having a phone nearby at all, there is so much that this little wearable can do for you making every task easier than ever. The latest iteration in the market, which is the Apple Watch Series 6, even comes with a very unique and timely feature that will let you monitor your blood oxygen levels all the time whenever needed.

9. Sony WH1000-XM4 Noise-Cancelling Headphones


What could be much better than the usage of the best noise-canceling headphones? If you are living in between loud neighbors, noisy roommates, or the constant presence of family and significant others, you will feel like home isn’t as quiet as it used to be earlier. So, here we are with the very new Sony WH1000-XM4 headphones strapped on your head, that cacophony of shuffling feet, loud conversations, and blaring televisions can be reduced to a murmur, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

10. Roomba 614


Roomba was the first big robotic vacuum company with a functional product, and in 2021 they have come up with Roomba 614. You will notice it’s working from the first time you charge it up and turn it on, this thing can map out a room all on its own without any external help, now learn the most effective way to clean your floors, learn what objects which areas of the house is to be avoided, and return to the base when its battery is getting low.