Twitch Tv is an American-based live streaming service that mainly revolves around the live streaming of video games along with the esports competition’s broadcasts. It additionally features music, ingenious content, and more about real-life streams. Twitch Tv is a subsidiary of, Inc. It was established in June 2011 as a mainstream streaming platform on Justin. tv. Content on the website can be accessed through live streaming or through on-demand videos. In 2015, Twitch TV had 100+ million viewers per month. Twitch has always remained in the position of best leading live streaming service in the US, especially for video games. Furthermore, it has the merit of Youtube gaming as well. In February 2020, Twitch Tv gained 15+ million active users along with 3 million broadcasters per month with 1.4 average simultaneous users on average. Substantial growth has been recognized in 2018 with 27,000 partner channels.  Twitch TV has been tagged to have changed the face of the streaming industry. With the variety of streamers and broad array of entertainment options, there are millions of shows to watch on Twitch TV. If you the crazy gamer who loves to stream the latest games and watch live streams of your favorite gamers, then this guide to activate Twitch TV, via, is for you.

Account creation on Twitch TV-

To start with your streaming service you need to have an account to activate your Twitch. There are two ways of creating a Twitch account you can go for either way. The first way of creating an account is by visiting the official website and then create an account or the other way is to download the app from the official website and then go for creating an account. 

You can follow the steps mentioned below to create your account in hand-

  •  Open the Twitch TV app or the official website.
  • Select the sign-up button.
  • Enter your credentials such as username, password.
  • Else, you can get the details from Facebook or Google while logging in. 

Now you can proceed with the activation process- 

Activate Twitch TV on Roku via

Carry out with the following steps-

  • Start off with signing into your Roku account. For new users, you need to create a new account.
  • Go to the Roku home page and then find the channel store and click on it. 
  • Search for Twitch TV and Install it on Roku. 
  • Visit the channel option beneath the logo and then proceed further to get an activation code. 
  • Visit the official website and then sign in with the credentials. 
  • Enter the activation code and then proceed further with the activate button.
  • Your activation account has been processed on your Roku. 

How to Activate Twitch TV on Amazon Firestick (

Twitch is the subsidiary of Amazon, here are the steps to activate Twitch TV on your Amazon firestick-

  • Install Twitch TV app after plugging in the amazon firestick. 
  • Further, download it on the device. Launch the app after completing the process.
  • Visit the official website on the web browser and log in to the website with your credentials. 
  • After logging in, enter the activation code that has been received by you and then click on the ‘’activate’’ button. 
  • You now have completed the activation process and can access the features offered by Twitch TV.

The activation process of Twitch TV on PlayStation (

  • Start off with launching PlayStation.
  • Visit the PS Play Store and then search for Twitch TV app. Install the Twitch TV.
  • Go to the official link and sign in to the Twitch account with login credentials. After this, you would receive the activation code. 
  • Open the Twitch TV app and go to the sign-in option and enter the credentials.
  • Now enter the activation code you had received earlier. 
  • You are done with the process your Twitch TV has been activated on your PS.

Twitch TV Activation on Xbox-

  • Start with logging in to your Xbox account and visit the dashboard. Click on the store option.
  • In the apps section search for the Twitch TV. Install the Twitch TV app on the device.
  • Visit the official website and sign in to your twitch account with your credentials. You will now get an activation code.
  • After this process, launch the app.
  • Now log in to Twitch TV and enter the activation code. Click on the ‘’activate’’ button.
  • It will take some time to process completely. After this, your process of activation has been completed. 

Process of configuration after installation of Twitch TV

In case you are willing to make the further organization in your Twitch TV app then follow these given steps-

Installation of Twitch Extension-

Further extension enhances the performance of an app. You should definitely give it a try by following these steps. You will be surprised with the results- 

  • Visit the dashboard of Twitch TV.
  • Find the option of ‘’Extention Manager’’. There are two parts of this option- ‘’Installed extension’’ and ‘’Available Extensions’’.
  • Click on the install option on the right side of the extension card. Else you can click on the install option on the Extension details page to proceed with the installation of the extension in the Twitch TV.
  • To check the installed extensions go to the ‘’Installed extensions’’ on the left side of the Extension manager option.
  • After the completion of installing the extension, two options will pop up: ‘’continue browsing’’ or ‘’configure’’.
  •  If you proceed with ‘’continue browsing’’ it will transmit you to the current page. 
  • If you proceed with the ‘’configure’’ option then it will be opened with the options regarding configuring extension. 

How to Activate Twitch TV Extension-

Make sure you go through the following steps to activate the extension-

  • Click on the ‘’activate’’ button which can be found next to each extension installed. Turn on the extension you wish to use further.
  • Now if you have selected to activate the overlay extension. The option overlay will be displayed as ‘’Extension overlay’’. 
  • In case you have selected a panel extension, a prompt will pop up asking you to pick the panel slot you wish to show the panel extension of the Twitch TV.

What to do if is not working?

Users have reported some issues while activating Twitch TV. Here are the two methods to resolve these issues-

First method– Reactive your device

Go to the menu bar-> Twitch->  Activation-> activation code will pop up. 

Enter the code and then check if the problem has been solved or not.

The second method– Change HDMI cable

 Users have claimed that changing the HDMI cable resolves the issue. These kinds of issues are related to cable. 

Activate your Twitch TV and enjoy live streaming !! All steps for the activation process are mentioned above. In case you are facing any issue you know what to do.