Mobiles phones have become a crucial part of our lives these days. The pandemic of 2019 made it even more pronounced that mobiles not only facilitate communication, however, they also make other things possible. In the pandemic people started operating their businesses from home, studies from home, taught from home, etc. All these activities made us realize that phones can be a very handy and cheap source. However, there is always the problem of soaring prices of data packs and limited data supply. But, Walmart Straight Talk Phones Wireless services solve this problem. So, what is the wait, visit

Importance of Data and Mobile Phones

These days’ mobile phones can be used to do anything from entertainment to business. It can also be used for educational purposes by both students and teachers. Internet data is very essential to access all the online services available out there. Some of the things that can be done with mobile and internet data are:

  • To run a small-scale online business.
  • Consultation business and communication.
  • For streaming movies and shows anywhere on your phone.
  • Helps in learning from different media platforms like YouTube or respective websites.
  • For internet banking and managing money online.

What differentiates Walmart Straight Talk Phones wireless from other services?

The answer is simple. With Straight talk, you don’t have to worry about extravagant data packages and limited data supply. It is a prepaid service and hence it gives more freedom to individuals with its services when it comes to pricing plans, switches, amount of data, offers, etc. However, with a postpaid plan, all these become a very cumbersome task almost nearly impossible sometimes.

With Walmart Straight Talk Phones, individuals can also enjoy the freedom of being free from any contract. As a matter of fact, most postpaid plans are based on contracts hence, the processes get very complicated and restrictive as well. But Straighttalk understands the concerns of its customers and dislikes binding them in any sort of contact. So, go ahead and activate your Straight talk sim card at activate.

Features of Straight talk sim card services

There are a variety of offers according to the needs of customers at low prices.

  • It provides a 30-day plan for $35 which includes text, unlimited talk, 2 GB of data with 4G LTE speed.
  • For people making a lot of calls per day will benefit from this new deal. It consists of Ultimate Unlimited Plan for 30 days for $55. It includes endless talk, high-speed data, text, etc.
  • There is no contract in Walmart Straight Talk Phones wireless services. So, customers can easily discontinue the service without worrying about the terms of the contract.
  • People can buy plans on a monthly basis and even change them easily at any time.
  • People can get access to budget-friendly phones on Straight talk. One can buy phones under the Your Own Phone program at extremely cost-effective prices and later activate at
  • With the Straight talk platform, one can easily switch from the older phone service to it without compromising on any features that were earlier accessible. One can get the best phones, networks, etc. at minimal prices.

Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) only at

This is an initiative by the government to support people who have been affected by the pandemic. Under this program, the focus is on ensuring connectivity. The good news is that Straight talk customers can also avail the benefits of this program. However, they will have to prove their eligibility. The features of the program include free unlimited talk, text, and data along with 10 GB of Hotspot Data. This program is very beneficial for students, teachers, low-income households, etc. All these features can be unlocked by activating Straight talk services at activate.

What is the process of selection for the EBB program?

  • The first step is confirming the eligibility for the assistance. For this people can participate in the qualifying program. Only eligible customers shall be entering in the second step.
  • In the second step, the eligible candidates have to apply for the EBB program. Visit the official website of Straight talk wireless services to apply for the program.
  • In the last step, once all the steps are complete, you will receive a notification of acceptance of everything went right.

Activation steps for Walmart Straight Talk Phones wireless service via

  • The first step is to go to activation page. For this use the web browser of any device with a stable internet connection.
  • There you will see a web page with a few options to select your device to activate.
  • Select the device you want to activate and continue.
  • You will see two options. First to choose a new number and second to continue with your original number. Select either of the two options and follow the on-screen instruction to continue.
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions unless you receive confirmation. activate webpage