What all you get on KBTX?, KBTX-TV, proudly serving Bryan / College Station, TX since 1957, you can watch local Brazos Valley news, weather, and sports on-demand or live. KBTX was the Brazos Valley’s first television station. Since May 22, 1957, it has transmitted from the same facility on East 29th Street in Bryan, but that structure has been expanded many times. KBTX began as a CBS and ABC affiliate until becoming the only CBS station in 1984. In early 2009, KBTX and KWTX tried out a jointly-produced midday show. For the first half of the broadcast, news articles for both viewing areas were read from KWTX’s Waco studios, with KBTX showing live weather and other local information from its studios for the balance of the show airing in the Brazos Valley. KBTX signed deals with the country’s two major satellite providers in 2009. For years, Dish Network refused to broadcast KBTX in Bryan/College Station, instead opting to broadcast KWTX. You will be able to watch KBTX on Roku device if you follow along.

Operations of KBTX 

Despite the fact that it identifies as a separate station, KBTX is actually a KWTX semi-satellite. Most of its internal operations are performed in parallel with KWTX, and it clears all of KWTX’s syndicated programs. It is the only station in the Waco/Temple/Bryan market that broadcasts a complete schedule of live, local news for the Bryan/College Station area, airing five newscasts each weekday and weekend newscasts from its Bryan facilities.

What is the coverage area of KBTX?

KBTX covers the counties of Brazos,  Grimes, Burleson, Leon, Madison, Montgomery, Robertson, Milam, Washington, and Walker, which are all part of the Houston market but get KBTX. Its service area includes Texas A&M University, Sam Houston State University, and Blinn College. The Waco/Temple/Bryan Designated Market Area, which includes KBTX, is a rare American television market.

That must be enough about the KBTX. now let’s move on to the next part which is how you can watch KBTX on your Roku device? Steps are given below of the process that you need to use in order to access the channel on your Roku device.

Watch KBTX on Roku device with these steps 

  • Firstly, you need to turn on your Roku device and get it connected to a strong Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Now you have to press the Home button which is present on the remote of the Roku device. 
  • Make use of the arrow button of the Roku remote and go to the option ‘’Streaming channels’’. Further tap on the ‘’OK’’ button. Now you will be presented with the channel store.
  • In order to find the KBTX channel, type the name in the search option and soon you will be displayed the search results. 
  • Once you have navigated the KBTX channel, press the option ‘’Add channel’’. 
  • Now tap on the ‘’OK’’ option to confirm the installation process.
  • It will take a while until it installs on the Roku device and then you will see a confirmation message on your screen. 
  • Go back to the Home button and scroll down a bit and you will find KBTX channel. 

News presentation 

Newscast titles 

TX News
Dimension 3 News
3 News
NewsScene 3
NewsStar 3
News 3

Slogans of the stations 

Dimension 3 News
Count on the Channel 3 News 
Your 24 Hour News source 
This is your News 
Live and Local 
The News leader 
The People You Know. The News You Trust. 

Who is the current on-air staff of KBTX?

Here is the list of the on-air staff presently working on the KBTX channel- 


Steve Fullhart (Brazos Valley This Morning) 
Crystal Galny (News 3 at Noon)
John Gilbert (News 3 at 6, ‘’10 at Ten’’)
Barbara Smith (Brazos Valley This Morning)
Meredith Stancik (News 3 at 5, News 3 at 6 and 10 at Ten)


Karla Castillo
Clay Falls
Shane McAuliffe
Nicole Morten 
Michael Oder 
Stephanie Palmer 
Alex Villarreal
Kristen Ross


Brenda Sims (Names and Faces segment)
Tom Turbiville- (Voices of Veterans segment)

Some of the current news events  at the KBTX channel 

  1. Multiple car burglaries are being investigated by Crime Stoppers in Brazos County

A string of car thefts near Wellborn has prompted Brazos County Crime Stoppers to appeal for assistance. According to the sheriff’s office, 16 vehicles in the Meadow Creek community were burglarized between 2 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 24. Nothing was taken in some cases, while others had goods stolen, including a firearm. At least three guys were engaged in the car burglaries, according to security footage.

  1. The president of Texas A&M University has tested positive for COVID-19

M. Katherine Banks, president of Texas A&M University, tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday morning, the university stated on Twitter. In line with positive test protocols, the fully vaccinated president will be placed in self-isolation for the following ten days. “President Banks is quite sad to be unable to participate in many of the university’s upcoming festivities,” said Greg Hartman, Texas A&M senior vice president, and chief operations officer. “The president is relieved to have received his complete vaccination. Vaccinated people have been proven in studies to have fewer severe symptoms from the virus. Vaccination remains the most effective strategy to safeguard Aggieland and those nearest to us from this devastating illness.”

  1. After a court overturned Abbott’s prohibition, Texas schools can once again determine face mask policies

A federal court determined on Wednesday that Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order forbidding mask mandates in schools is unconstitutional under the Americans with Disabilities Act, allowing local governments to set their own policies once more.

The ruling follows a months-long court battle between parents, a disability rights organization, and Texas officials over whether the state was breaking the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by refusing to allow school districts to impose masks. Attorney General Ken Paxton has been banned from executing Abbott’s directive by U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel.

  1. In Brazos County, a man is wanted for attempted sexual assault

As they celebrate 40 years of service in our community, Brazos County Crime Stoppers continues to spotlight 40 unresolved cases. Armando Velasco-Gordillo, 46, is a sought man according to Crime Stoppers. He is wanted for attempted sexual assault, which is a crime in the second degree. In October of this year, Velasco-Gordillo was charged with the April 5, 2019 incident. Clear leaf Drive in Bryan is his last known address. He was known to conduct freelance cabinet and counterwork in Brazos County, according to the sheriff’s office.

  1. Families will be able to assemble securely for the holiday’s thanks to a Pfizer vaccination for younger children

Experts argue that as the holidays approach, families should be able to securely gather together. Although most children will not be completely vaccinated by Thanksgiving, the FDA believes that partially vaccinated children will be allowed to be near family members who are most at risk from the virus, such as grandparents. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former FDA commissioner, and current Pfizer board member believes that as more younger children get vaccinated, widespread immunity will emerge. “The vaccination uptake on a 5 to 11-year-old has been pretty brisk, and I anticipate it will be better than 12 to 17,” Gottlieb added. He also claims that the country is nearing the end of a pandemic phase and is transitioning to an endemic phase, which means that the virus will always be around but that there are coping mechanisms in place.

The Brazos County Health District expects its first shipment of the Pfizer low-dose vaccination for children to arrive in the coming days.

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