Ever wondered what would things look like from the perspective of an African-American citizen? What is his history and what happens in their culture? If you’ve also wondered like other numerous people then you came to the right place because we have the answer to your questions. Soul of the South Television is a regional network that was founded by Edwin Avent, Carl McCaskill, and Larry Morton and is controlled by SSN media group Ltd. It is an African-American network that airs in southern America and in cities or the northern parts that are highly-populated with African-American people.

When was Soul of the South Television created?

The Soul of the South Television was created and launched in the year 2011. In the beginning, it was planned that this network will broadcast news for just five hours daily. By 2013 it had around 11 broadcasting affiliates and covered around 14 percent of the nation. By 2019, this network grew a lot and covered around 44 percent of the nation.

What shows are aired on Soul of the South Television?

The Soul of the South Television airs various shows. Let’s take a look at the shows that are broadcast on this network.

  • D.C. Breakdown- It is a political talk show in which political leaders, experts, and scholars discuss issues and concerns that the African-American community faces and perform an analysis.
  • Secrets of the Caribbean- This program gives an insight into the lifestyle, culture, and history of the Caribbean. The host Ana Garcia along with her crew explores the life of the people of the Caribbean and what they eat, their history, culture, and music.
  • Tony King Live- It is a comedy talk show where host and comedian Tony King performs musical performances and live interviews with celebrities of music, film, and television industry. Along with interviews, the host also performs relevant and comedic sketches.
  • Blacktree on TV- This show is considered to be the number source of black entertainment of Soul of the South Network. It is a daily show that offers a view of red-carpet events, parties, celebrity interviews, and talks about celebrities, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs that are highlighted in the news.
  • Great Gospel Morning- It is a morning show that telecasts for two hours in which stories and interviews about people who are inspired by fellowship and faith are shown. It is a beautiful blend of gospel music and inspiring stories of people. Along with playing gospel music, this program also shows live studio broadcasts of gospel artists which are really soulful.
  • Soul Cinema Classics- It is a show that talks about cinema classics featuring Billy Dee Williams, Diana Ross, Richard Pryor, and many more and gives fun facts, information, and context about those movies that give audiences a whole new perspective.
  • Soul Cinema Primetime- All the latest action, comedy, and fan favourite thriller big blockbuster movies are shown on this show. Along with these movies, context and facts about them are offered.
  • Southern Soul Stories- It is a show that offers meaningful insights about stories, places, and people that help viewers understand how deep and soulful southern culture is. It is a weekly show that airs for one hour and every episode talks about characters that are responsible for making the South a source of rich culture.

Where can you Stream Soul of the South Television?

The Soul of the South Network is broadcasted in southern America and in cities or the northern parts that are highly populated with African-American people. You can also visit the official website of the Soul of the South Television and sign up for a private live stream to watch it anytime.

What are the current and former affiliates of this network?

The Soul of the South Television had many affiliates in the past. Some of the former affiliates of Soul of the South Television are –

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Atlantic City
  • Austin, TX
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Beaumont, TX K
  • Canton, OH    
  • Charlotte, NC 
  • Columbus, OH
  • Dallas, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Missouri City, TX

These were the former affiliates of the Soul of the South Television network. Current affiliates of the Soul of the South Television are –

  • Montgomery, AL
  • Chicago, IL
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Rochester, MN

These affiliates receive their feed through the Central Automated Satellite Hub system. A cloud-based computer server ensures that all the affiliates receive the feed without any issues.


People know very little about the history, culture, and lifestyle of African-American people, and Soul of the South Television network aims to offer this knowledge to the people of the United States of America. The talk shows and programs broadcasted on the Soul of the South Television gives an insight what African-American people go through and how they live their life.

If you want to know what things are offered by the Soul of the South Television and how to watch those programs, you can take a look at this article and all your queries will be solved in no time.