If you want to know everything about America like its cars, sports, celebrities, music, food, and most importantly people, then you should give this a read. Today we are discussing how to watch YouToo America Channel- a television network that talks about all this.

The thing that makes YouToo America special is that it broadcasts programs where normal people get the opportunity to be a part of the conversation that is taking place about daily topics on live shows.

YouToo America broadcasts a wide range of shows and literally has everything. From cars to sports, from celebrities to normal people, everything that America has and is made of is shown on this channel.

History of YouToo America

The name ‘YouToo America’ was selected in the year 2015 but when the channel was launched in 1985, it was known as the “Nostalgia channel”. It aired vintage movies at the beginning but in the early 1990s, it began to air vintage programs and lifestyle series along with those movies, and the name was changed to “Nostalgia Television”.

The name of this channel changed a lot of times. After Nostalgia television, it became “Nostalgia good TV” in the year 1997. After that it changed to “Goodlife TV” in 1998 then in 2005 it was again renamed to “American Life TV Network”. Then 6 years later in 2011, it was renamed “YouToo TV”. In 2014, The YouToo Tv acquired “America One” and by the time their merger was approved, they came to be known as the “YouToo America”.

Where can you watch YouToo America Channel?

YouToo America is a television network channel and can be seen on Time Warner Cable or Comcast. Though, till 2011, this channel was provided by charter communications. Apart from these two locations, you can also watch YouToo America on your Roku device.

You can also go to ytaclub.com to stream live shows and programs of YouToo America or you can download the YouToo America Club app on your android phone to watch this channel.

Add and Stream YouToo America Channel on Roku?

It is really simple and easy to add YouToo America on Roku. Just follow these steps and you will be done in no time.

  1. Press the “home” button on your and go to the “streaming channels” option
  2. Search for YouToo America in “streaming channels”
  3. Press on “add channel” after finding the YouToo America
  4. After it is downloaded and installed, launch the YouToo America and you will be done

How to stream YouToo America Channel App on your android phone?

You can find the YouToo America app in the google play store easily and get it by following these simple steps.

  1. Open the google play store on your android smartphone or tablet
  2. Search for the YouToo America Club application on the play store
  3. Click on the “download” button to install the app after finding it
  4. After installation, launch the YouToo America app and start streaming

What are the shows offered on the YouToo America channel?

YouToo America has a wide variety of shows and programs. It has programs about cars, sports, music, celebrities, etc. Let’s take a look at the shows and programs offered by the YouToo America channel.

  • Coffee With America- If you want to know what is happening in the news, pop culture, and social media, you should tune in to YouToo America and watch Coffee with America as your wish will be fulfilled on this program.
  • Motorz- There are many shows that talk about how to modify a car but no show is detailed as motorz. This show is for the people who love to modify their cars. The host Chris Duke explains properly how to install new parts and maintaining their cars without using any expensive tools or gadgets.
  • Southern Glory- Like its name suggests, the Southern Glory shows music videos of legendary Southern Gospel groups like Gold City, Crabb Family, or Legacy Five, etc. The host Jim Black makes it better by sharing his personal experience with these legends.
  • Pawn Stars- It is a reality show that takes place in the famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. The show depicts the interaction that takes place between the staff and people who bring various kinds of artifacts and talks about the authenticity, history, and origin of those artifacts.
  • Sport Fishing with Dan Hernandez- This reality show is hosted and produced by Dan Hernandez who loves to do sport fishing. He talks about how to catch fish, what can be the perfect spots for fishing, and he even tells how to properly cook a fish.
  • Forensic Files- It is a crime-documentary series where viewers get to know how forensic science helps in solving crimes, accidents, and disease outbreaks.
  • The Chef’s Kitchen- It is a cooking show that features world-renowned chefs and bakers. These famous personalities share their knowledge about cooking and offer useful tips to the viewers.


The United States of America is a great country that is rich in culture. YouToo America is a channel that enlightens the viewers about the American people- their cars, music, sports, lifestyle, etc. You should tune in to the YouToo America channel to witness how great this country is.

All the platforms where you can watch or stream this channel has been mentioned in this article. You will not face any kind of problem in streaming YouToo America after reading this article.