The onset of the 20th century brought a number of challenges for mankind. Challenges that needed immediate attention. Mother Nature had started giving loud warnings of the impending calamity. Fossil fuel consumption kept rising, along with pollution levels. Scientists came up with certain technologies and discoveries which would later be termed Green Technology. Right from implementations to inventions, green technology has proven to pull things back in terms of environmental degradation. Let’s take a look at the various aspects of Green Technology.

What is Green Technology?

Green Technology is a fusion of Science and Technology to come up with alternatives that conserve the environment along with its resources. The major purpose of Green Technology is to reduce the impact of human malpractices over centuries. These may include all inventions and discoveries which save fossil fuels (such as E-vehicles, Electric Cooktops, etc.) or provide alternate sources of energy (such as solar cells, windmills, etc.)

Green Technology & Its Features

Green Technology is the use of scientific and technological advancements in order to provide more eco-friendly alternatives. Since it takes into consideration the greenery of the planet, it is termed Green technology. Its basic features can be summed up in the following few points:

  • Highly environment friendly
  • Opening up avenues for sustainable technological advancements
  • Prolonging the life of the human race
  • Overturn the effects of Climate change and Global Warming

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Green Technology – Working Method & Practices

Green Technology brought one of the much-needed revolutions in the history of humanity. There were many implementations and practices which were introduced by Green Technology. These include inventions like E-vehicles, Solar powered lights, etc.


One of the most effective strategies and/or practices has been Recycling. Goods used once were earlier not recycled, increasing the non-biodegradable waste. Recycling has reduced the use of environmentally

Alternate energy sources


One of the most intriguing challenges was to come up with alternative energy sources, more importantly making use of them efficiently. These developments led to groundbreaking discoveries and inventions.

Wind Energy

Wind Mills, Wind Turbines, we all have seen these gigantic structures. These are some of the most highlighted achievements of Green Technology. Wind energy generated has been extensively used in many parts of the world and it has proven to be cost-effective as well.

Solar Energy

For ages, we knew that the sun is a huge ball of fire but didn’t know how to tap its energy. Green technology opened up this possibility wherein solar radiations could be converted to electricity and households, vehicles along other commodities could make use of it. This is done by solar batteries, solar cells, or on large solar panels. Solar energy has also proven to be cost-effective and extremely efficient.

Hydro Power

Water is essential for all beings, this is something we all know but Green technology helped us explore the power of water as a fuel in more ways than one. Not only has the age-old hydro-powered turbine been useful but the small-scale implementation of this principle has made other inventions possible.

Impact of Green Technology For Longer Run

The impact that Green Technology has had on human lives needs no specific introduction. The alternatives, strategies, and lifestyles which are flourishing today can be termed as a gift of green Technology. To reiterate certain accomplishments of Green Technology:

Smarter alternatives

Green Technology has helped develop smart alternatives for almost every section of society. This means that not only has Green technology introduced smarter and more efficient alternatives but also has contributed to the development of society. 

More efficient energy sources

It is quite obvious that the technology which would be developed for the betterment of the environment would have more efficient energy sources involved. This has brought down global fossil fuel dependency drastically. It is believed that consistent developments would reduce the dependency on fossil fuels almost completely.


Extensive recycling has led to a higher replenishment rate of water, fossil fuels, and other exhaustible resources. This is mainly due to shifting focus from traditional energy sources or practices to the ones which are more eco-friendly.

Low Pollution

Since the energy sources are more eco-friendly, there is lesser pollution. Wind energy, solar energy, and hydro energy along with recycling techniques have made the environment breathe better. This has cleaned the air comparatively and one can even sense Mother Earth healing.

Sustainable Development

Green Technology has paved the way for one of the most historic approaches: Sustainable development, i.e. the amalgamation of technology and environmental consideration. This has been the highlight of the green initiative along with terms like Green economy and Go Green. All these have inspired younger generations to strive for the environment.

Green Technology has made it possible for our future generations to rejoice under a grateful sky. The developments which are being made each day make us more positive for the future.