Microsoft, the best software producer in the world has launched the Xbox Series X, for potential gaming lovers. The next-generation Xbox gaming console is comprehensively focused on speed, power, and compatibility. With this launch, Microsoft is attempting to get everything directly from the beginning. Series X is a definitive gaming console, with unquestionably haptic performance than its past powerhouse series, the Xbox One X. This new device can convey 4K gaming with a high refresh rate with a push up to 120 frames per second. Additionally, it has been developed to load your pc games far quicker than ever before. With Microsoft Xbox Series X, you can play effortlessly all your old games with the better HDR mode that brings high performance to your complete gaming.

With this blog post, we are providing the much-requested Xbox Series X review and understand is it a 4k beast or just a hype for gaming.

Xbox Series X Designs

When we compare Sony’s PlayStation 5 with Xbox Series X in terms of designs, we see Microsoft is the clear-cut winner in the league. The Series X looks precisely the way a genuine gamer would require in his/her system. After getting the horizontal slabs in the previous Xbox One X, the towering designing slabs in the Series X is a much-needed change. The matte black Xbox Series X is kinda ok, meanwhile, it will be more appealing if Microsoft adds some kicking visual drama or lighting effects on this plan black box.

What do you get inside the box?

Once you opened the box, Microsoft offers a bundle of HDMI cable, with a power cable, and the new Xbox controller. The Xbox offers all the necessary ports with the customary Blu-ray drive that will be benefited to load older disc-based games. What’s next is a USB-C port that can be useful on the days when you completely exhaust the controller’s batteries. With Xbox Series X you will get proprietary storage that can be expanded for the 1TB Seagate card. Also, there are two more USB-A ports that help to connect your external drives, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port, and a power connector.

Xbox Series X Specifications That Can Amaze Your Mind

The new Xbox Series X won’t just support 4K games at 60fps, but also include the major support for up to 8K games with a super-high frame rate of 120fps. Microsoft has utilized a specially designed eight-center AMD Zen 2 CPU timed at up to 3.8GHz with a custom RDNA 2-class GPU. The new Xbox will also incorporate the capacity to extend storage by utilizing 1TB expansion cards which can be easily inserted from the back of the gaming console.

The brand has also showcased the loading speed of both the Xbox Series X and the One X. The company demonstrated the time contrast between the two consoles while stacking the State of Decay 2 game. The Xbox Series X was around 40 seconds quicker than the One X.

The Overall Controller Experience

With the effortless gaming consoles, the controller turns out to be the prime way to interact with the games. In this way, the Series X gets a slightly modified controller from the last-gen Xbox One X series. If you talking about the modification, then all we can say that you are left with a new Share button with the new USB-C port up to connect the console.

The rest of the Xbox Series X controller layout is way too much identical to what we have seen previously on the older models. The build quality is good with a full matte plastic finish that works best to resent the sweaty palms as well as the dirt. The sticks are comfortable with good haptic feedback. In short, with this product, Microsoft plays a safe game, but somehow we expect more from the company.

Now, the prime question is that is it worth buying or spending money on Xbox Series X? Well, if you own a previous Xbox One then you can surely make up your mind to invest money in this gadget. Meanwhile, if you are a high-tech gaming lover, then sorry you will be a little bit disappointed with the gadget feature, especially if we consider its price.