A spin-off of Fox news and originally an American subscription site, Fox Nation began its operation on March 30, 2009, as an opinion platform. Headquartered in New York City, Fox Nation quickly grew to become a user favorite in the category of infotainment and entertainment. The site now features a plethora of great content like video clips, news, political commentaries among others in its catalog that would surely keep you captivated at all times. You can watch hours and hours of content at Fox Nation and still feel wanting more. The real-time member administration site, Fox Nation, can be accessed easily through foxnation.com/activate.

All you need is an active subscription and Fox would let you enjoy all the content stationed in its huge library. From great articles to peculiar comments on politics, everything can be accessed via foxnation.com/activate. 

Why subscribe to Fox Nation? 

Fox Nation, started by Fox media in their later years, has witnessed tremendous growth in the recent past. The streaming service was originally addressed as a haven for all the Fox media’s super fans. Fox Nation in the most recent years has been working constantly to fill their library with vintage movies and TV shows. From Nancy Grace to shows on Easter, Fox Nation is building upon its strategy to compete with streaming giants like Netflix and Prime Video. 

Fox Nation is also expected to stream ‘America’s Most Wanted’ after its world-famous debut on the sibling channel, Fox Broadcasting media. Not just this, with the latest probability numbers coming out, Fox Nation is expected to retain 80% of its user base in the coming years. The pandemic has also played its part in favor of Fox Nation with subscription revenue up by previous years’ estimates. 

It is no wonder the investment has been greater in these coming years. And as more users jump on board, you can expect to see more and more content gets added to the streaming library. The subscription prices are set lower intentionally to attract customers from all tiers. And like its DNA family of channels, Fox Nation is on its way to becoming number one in the coming few years. 

How to subscribe to Fox Nation? 

Fox Nation is an online streaming service you can access from select devices, phones, or PC which is creating an army of loyal fan-base. Through the subscription, you can expect to have 

  • Exclusive content related to daily opinion and on-demand footage inspired from real-life. 
  • Exclusive on the ground experiences featuring your favorite TV and Hollywood personalities under one frame 
  • And exclusive access to FOX merchandise

Note down the steps below and get started with your Fox subscription- 

  • Visit the online website of Fox Nation with your browser 
  • Visit foxnation.com/activate from your web browser
  • Wait for an activation code to be sent to your registered contact info 
  • You can also use the QR code scanner on your phone 
  • Enter the activation code and create your account with Fox Nation 
  • Click continue and sign in with your details
  • Watch all the amazing content in one place 

Activating Fox Nation using foxnation.com/activate on different devices 

Accessing foxnation.com/active for Activation on Roku

Roku and Fox Nation packed together translated to better things in life. All you need is an active subscription to Fox Nation and you will be able to stream all the amazing content on their website or your select device. Roku’s penetration has seen a constant increase and you can expect to see more content as it adds new features to its platform. 

You can too stream all the amazing content Fox Nation has to offer on Roku by following the few steps below- 

  • Make sure your Roku TV is well-updated to its latest version 
  • If not, then open settings and check if there is any software installation required 
  • Go to the home page and look for the Roku Channel Store 
  • Search through the immense catalog of apps Roku has to offer 
  • Look for Fox Nation Channel in the store 
  • Click on add channel and let it appear on your home page 
  • Go to your home page and open the app 
  • Open the app and sign in with all your details
  • Wait for an activation code to be sent to your mobile 
  • Visit foxnation.com/activate through your browser
  • Enter the activation code in the box and click continue 
  • Enjoy all the amazing shows on Fox Nation 

Activate Fox Nation on Android TV with foxnation.com/activate

  • Open your Android TV and launch the home screen 
  • Open your Google Play Store and make sure you are signed in to it 
  • Navigate the app Fox Nation channel from the infotainment section 
  • Click install and wait for it to appear on the screen 
  • Launch the app and complete the registration process
  • Visit foxnation.com/activate through your browser
  • Enter the activation code sent to your mobile 
  • Enjoy streaming all the amazing shows

Activating Fox Nation on Apple TV via foxnation.com/activate

Got an Apple TV? The good news, Fox Nation can now be activated on your Apple TV. Just the basic steps listed below- 

  • Update your Apple TV to its latest version 
  • Open the home screen and look for the app store 
  • Go to the search bar or look for the Fox Nation channel in the infotainment section 
  • Press the icon to download the app for your home page 
  • Go to the homepage on your Apple TV 
  • Launch the app and wait for it to open 
  • Register on the app with your contact info 
  • Visit foxnation.com/activate and wait for an activation code
  • Enter the activation code and click continue 
  • That’s it!! All done. Now you can too stream all the amazing content on Fox Nation 

Fox Nation is constantly expanding its roots and we are sure it will be available on the platform you are using. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I connect my TV provider account? 

  • Visit Foxnation.com 
  • Select watch Fox News live
  • Sign in with your TV provider 
  • Enter the username and password
  • That’s all you need!

Q. Do I get a free trial on a Fox Nation subscription?

Yes, just complete all the registration processes on their official website including your payment details

Q. Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime you like.