In today’s time, payment methods have revolutionized our money transactions. The most favorite transaction method these days is through credit cards or debit cards. They are quite handy and easy to access. But sometimes, getting a credit card is very difficult. There are a lot of criteria and constraints that we come across in the process. Many times due to bad credit, the credit card is not issued. However, OpenSky understands the problem of its customers and provides cards to everyone. So, visit to get started with your card.

Everything about OpenSky Visa Credit Card

OpenSky is a leading provider of Credit Card to people in the United States. It is well known for providing credit cards easily without any issues. Usually, people have to prove their eligibility to get a credit card. But due to several reasons, many times people are denied credit cards. In such a scenario, OpenSky comes to the rescue. So, here are the reasons why you should consider getting an OpenSky credit card and activate it at the website.

No need for a credit check

Sometimes, bad credit can potentially hamper your qualification for a credit card. But this problem will not arise in the case of OpenSky credit cards. They overlook the quality of credit of an individual and provide the card. However, you will have to fulfill some other criteria to get the card. These are:

  • You will have to produce a taxpayer identification number or a social security number.
  • Proof that you are a permanent resident of the US or a US citizen.
  • Your monthly expenses should be greater than your monthly income.
  • Some amount in the form of security money. This will be refunded when your account will close in a good condition.

Hence, it is quite evident that getting this card is fairly easy. Especially, if you have suffered rejections in your last attempts, then you should go for it.

No need for a bank account

Usually, a bank account is required to get any kind of credit card. However, nowadays, this is no longer required. There are many platforms/ financial firms that provide credit cards without the need for a bank account. The same is the case with OpenSky credit cards. There is no need for a bank account if you are buying an OpenSky Secured-Visa Credit Card. Now if you are thinking about how to pay the security deposit or credit card bills, then do not worry. One can pay them via money order or western union payment.

Basics of OpenSky credit cards

  • It is a secure type of card.
  • An annual fee of $35 is applicable for OpenSky credit cards.
  • The range of security deposit is from a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $3000. This security deposit serves the purpose of collateral in case someone does not pay their dues on time. It is also used to specify credit limits for different individuals.
  • The current APR (interest rate) is at 17.39%. The figures may change depending on updating or any other reason.
  • Currently, for foreign transactions, the fee is 3%. It is also subject to change depending on recent developments.
  • The OpenSky Credit Card firms send all the information about payments to all the three major credit bureaus. This can be useful in building good credit in the future.
  • As a matter of fact, OpenSky helps people in getting credit cards easily but does not provide any rewards to its customers.

Steps to activate OpenSky credit card via

Before starting the activation process, you have to keep the OpenSky credit card nearby you. You will need the card in the activation process. And of course, you will have to buy the card before starting the activation card. So, here are the steps to activate the card via

  • First of all, it is mandatory to maintain a stable internet connection throughout the whole process.
  • Now using a device with a stable mobile internet connection, search for the website. This is the address of the activation website.
  • On the webpage, you will have to fill in a number of details. Be careful when you fill in the details. The process is not very confusing or difficult. Just be patient and careful. The information you will have to fill in are as follows:
  1. Account Number of the Credit card
  2. First name of the account holder, then middle initial followed by the last name. If you do not have a middle name then you may skip it as per the on-screen instructions.
  3. Social security number last four digits
  4. Expiry date on the card
  5. Your date of birth
  6. State of residence
  7. Zipcode
  • Once you have filled in all the details, take a good look and verify them. Now, tap on the submit button.
  • After this, you will have to follow any on-screen instructions if they are present. Once, your card is activated you will get some sort of notification or confirmation message.
  • If you receive such a message then, your card is successfully activated. In case, you are having problems, try contacting customer service immediately.

An alternate way of OpenSky Credit Card activation

You can also activate your card by following the same process. However, this time you will have to first visit the official website of OpenSky. On the website, you will see an option to activate your card. The option is present somewhere at the top of the screen.

This will send you to the activation page. page

Final thoughts

So, now we are in a position to discuss the pros and cons of the OpenSky Visa Credit Card. This discussion is really important for making a good choice. As evident from the discussion of the Opensky credit card, it is the best option for people with a bad credit background. However, it may not be a good choice for other credit card seekers.

  • Pros– people with bad credit can also qualify to get a secured-Visa credit card. This is otherwise very difficult to obtain.
  • Cons– there are no additional rewards. One has to pay a security deposit which is refundable only if the account closes in good condition. It also seeks annual fees from its customers.

So, this card is a great choice for people who are looking for an easy to obtain card with bad credit. It is also a suitable choice for people who are looking to boost their credit history and make it good.