If you’re a Walmart shopper, then this credit card is ideal for you and you can activate it via platinum.capitalone.com/activate. You can now earn unlimited cashback, including at Walmart.com and pickup locations. How much cashback? Earn 5% on all of your purchases, including at Walmart.com, up to $6,000 per year. Plus, get an introductory $150 bonus of cashback after spending just $1,000 on purchases with your new Card within the first three months of account opening. Your Chase Freedom® card also comes with mobile checkout so it’s even easier to pay with your phone.

The Capital One Aspire Travel World MasterCard is the best cash-back credit card for frequent Walmart shoppers. You can earn $450 each year by redeeming 1% of your purchases at Walmart. And it also gives you an unlimited 5% cashback for every $1 you spend on other purchases, meaning you can earn $450 more by spending $2,000 outside of Walmart. Let’s say you typically spend $6,000 each year on your credit card — with this card, you could earn up to $850 back. That’s the equivalent of saving nearly 10% off the cost of your purchases. Now, please allow us to help you activate your new credit card at platinum.capitalone.com/activate.

Look At These Benefits Of The Capital One Card

  • Offering the latest reward programs, our Blue Cash Everyday Card is perfect for everyday purchases, providing 5% back at U.S. supermarkets on up to $6,000 per year in purchases (then 1%), plus unlimited cash back on select 2% categories that change every 3 months like gas stations, drugstores, and wholesale clubs. This card is issued by US Bank National Association, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.
  • There’s no annual fee, $0 intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months (then 16.24% – 25.24% Variable), and you can skip payments at no extra cost) each month. Your Capital One card comes with Zero Liability protection, so you’re never liable for fraudulent charges made with your card. Plus, you can access your FICO credit score on the spot – a great tool to help track your progress as you build a better credit history. These perks will increase your excitement of activating Capital One card using platinum.capitalone.com/activate.
  • The Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card lets you earn a $150 cash rewards bonus after you spend just $500 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. Plus, earn unlimited 1.5% cashback on every purchase, every day! You can redeem your cash rewards for cash back, gift cards, or travel. Access your FICO® Credit Score for free, and check your credit score as often as you like!
  • The Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card’s 1.5% cash-back rate on every purchase can be transferred to another Capital One account holder at no charge. Plus, the $150 signup bonus makes this an exceptional Walmart card for families or couples who plan to use it regularly.

Platinum.capitalone.com/activate- Activation Process Of Capital One Credit Card

You will like the 5% bonus on some Walmart purchases and no annual fee. You will also enjoy that you’ll become more eligible for credit increases with Capital One; we were approved for a $9,000 CL on our first application and more recently for a $15k CL (off our wallet) with Capital One. With the Capital One credit card activation link, we will easily activate the Capital One card. 

  • To start with the procedure of activating your Walmart Capital One rewards credit card in the online option, you first have to navigate to platinum.capitalone.com/activate.
  • On the main page you will see the sign-in option. Click on it.
  • You will be asked to enter your account’s username and password carefully to log-in. 
  • After logging in you will be taken to the activation page. Here, you have to enter your personal card information. Slots will be provided to you to fill your Date of birth, Card number, security code, SSN and the card’s expiry date.
  •  After completing all the information, click on the “Activate now” tab.
  • Online mode and using your smartphone are the two options by which Walmart Reward users can activate their card.
  • So on your smartphone, you can activate your Capital One Walmart Rewards Card.
  • Dialing the number given on the printed sticker is one of the easiest techniques to activate your credit card.
  • The printed sticker is most likely to be on the front of the Card’s envelope or the letter accompanying the card may be printed. 
  • By doing the activation with this procedure you can get rid off the process of creating an account for initiating any payments or other online transactions.
  • Therefore, If you are willing to maintain your account online, the telephone activation method is your great option.

Note: There is a customer service number on your Walmart Card. But if you don’t have the number you can dial 1-877-362-5952 to activate your card.

How Do You Easily Apply For The Capital One Card?

Get more out of every cent invested in your credit card. With a $450 cash-back rewards offer and no annual fee, it’s easy to earn more rewards by spending on the things you want and need. With the Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card, you can gracefully shuffle between online and in-store shopping – earning $45 on $3,000 purchases at Walmart. If you don’t have a card yet, you can check out the steps below to learn how to apply for a card and then activate it at platinum.capitalone.com/activate.

  • To obtain a new Walmart Capital One Credit Card, you have to navigate to Walmart.capitalone.com.
  • On the main page you will see the option of “Apply Now”. Click on that tab.
  • You will be asked to fill an application form. Make sure you enter your first, middle, and last name in the application form in the area provided..
  • Please include your e-mail address as well as your home address correctly.
  • You will have to fill in your contact information too. Make sure you give the mobile number which is in working condition.
  •  Provide your financial information in the blanks given, such as residency payment, status, and income. Fill in your Social Security Number and date of birth details as well.
  • After filling all the information, get assured that everything you have provided is correct. After confirming, click on the “Submit” button.

Wrapping Up

Sign up for the Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card and you’ll earn a $100 cash rewards bonus after you spend $500 within the first 3 months. On top of that, you can earn 1.5% cashback on every purchase, every day. Enjoy no annual fee and a 0% intro APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers. We hope you liked this article on activation via platinum.capitalone.com/activate and found the information pretty useful. Thank you for being with us and do not forget to leave your valuable comment behind. If there’s any feedback then feel free to share it with us for our betterment.