As technology has advanced, our way of perception of things has changed absolutely. From the primitive era, we have now entered the modern era. Here, even entertainment has a number of options to choose from. Sometimes, it might get difficult to choose from. But no worries, we have brought the TVision app for you. TVision is another streaming service that caters to the needs of its ardent viewers. To get access to TVision, visit

Steps to activate TVision App via

To all the T-mobile customers, it is a piece of delightful news that they can access all the content of the TVision app. However, they will have to activate the app beforehand. This process is essential to start streaming movies and series on the TVision app. Most of the content is live on this platform. Moreover, to activate TVision App you will have to visit

  • Using any device like a tablet, mobile, or PC, launch the web browser. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • In the search bar, type This will launch the activation web page.
  • On the webpage, you will have to sign in to your T-mobile account. For this, provide the email address or contact number.
  • Continue with the on-screen instructions and fill in the password. After providing all the required information, you are now successfully logged in to your T-mobile account.
  • Now, on the screen, you will see an option asking for the activation code. Enter the activation code in the correct field and complete the process.
  • After the activation is successfully complete, you will be able to watch TVision App on your device. webpage

Importance of recreation

What is the use of spending so much on entertainment devices? Well, your concerns are real. But here are some interesting reasons that you can consider for spending on such apps and devices.

Our brain needs regular doses of recreation and happiness. But is it not possible for everyone to go out and start playing, especially adults. Hence, such modes of home-based entertainment services cater to the needs of the brain and provide enough recreation.

Secondly, there are many career opportunities that require knowledge of new shows and apps. Writers will relate. You can start a career in review writing or entertainment writing. In such a scenario such apps and devices will help to know about all the upcoming and ongoing content.

Everything about the TVision HUB device

Apart from the TVision app, T-mobile customers can also get the benefits of another device. This device is the TVision HUB device. You will find it quite similar to the Roku stick, Fire Stick. However, it is a lot different from both of them.

It is an Android-supported HDMI device. With this device, you can make your TVision experience big on your TV screen. All you need is to connect the device and set up it to use later. The TVison HUB enables its customers to search for any app, any content. You can also add amazon prime, Hulu, Netflix, etc. on the TVision HUB device. It is compatible with Google Assistant for amazing shortcuts and features.

Steps to set up TVision HUB device

To watch the TVision app on a big screen, you will have to connect to the HUB device. Here are some simple steps to do so. Once, you step up the TVision HUB, the device you should go for activating the TVision app via the website.

  • First of all, connect the HUB device to an open HDMI port.
  • Now plug one end of the USB cable into the TVision HUB device and the adapter end into a power source.
  • You can also insert the other end of the USB into the TV USB port.
  • Take some batteries and put them into the remote.
  • Pair the remote using the on-screen instructions. Complete the setup process by following any on-screen instructions.

What makes TVision HUB different?

The basic difference between the TVision HUB devices and other media streaming devices is that it runs on Android TV. With this, you can connect to any other app including the TVision App. So, you can get all kinds of apps and shows in one place. Moreover, it supports Google Assistant. This means you can use voice commands to search, find, and start shows. You can also add reminders. This HUB device also supports Bluetooth technology. So, you can easily connect your headphones and other cloud gaming applications.

TVision subscription for Tvision HUB device

Many of you might wonder if they need a TVision subscription to use the HUB device. Well, the answer is NO. you do not need any subscription to use the TVision HUB device. It is a standalone device. You just have to purchase the device and set it up to start using it. However, you will need a subscription if you want to stream the TVision App on your TVision HUB device.