As we all know that keeping an eye all the time 24/7, just to ensure the safety parameters of our households is very necessary as well as important at the same time. So, we are thankful to the Wi-Fi security camera for helping us out in that situation. But in the case when you are not accessing Wi-Fi or you went somewhere like your granny’s old farm or house where there is no internet connection then what will you do. So, there are some home security cameras without a Wi-Fi connection, which can help you out in such a situation. Still, the number is less, as now everybody has become high on technology and has access to the internet connection so nobody thinks about such situations.

When we talk about the Non-Wifi thing, then it simply indicates the transmission function. For power, the cameras can be either battery-powered ones or wire-powered ones, which is only up to you what you want to prefer.

You may find a no Wi-Fi security camera to be old-fashioned and you might think it to be useless, but it is not the case at all in real, these security cameras are very important for some unique kind of reasons. Various other alternatives can make the security cameras work even without a Wi-Fi connection.

Types Of Best Security Cameras Without WiFi Connection

1. Cellular Security Camera System

These are the most vigorous type of security cameras, having all the security technology features in them, but the main feature of these cameras is that they do not need a Wi-Fi connection to work. They are wire-free security cameras, and just like the cellular ones you need to buy one with batteries. These cameras need cellular networks for connectivity. These cameras transmit video signals and data to nearby cellular sites, just like our mobile phones do. So, all we need to make them installed is an area where there is a 3G/4G LTE/5G network.

2. Analog Or HD-CVI Surveillance systems

When you are actually looking at trustworthy or high-level security with better video or image quality, Analog CCTV cameras are the best to use for this purpose. These cameras are easy to arrange anywhere and not only this but also have many powerful features, unlike the other systems.

They are more reliable because the video data is transmitted through coaxial cables and hence provide no way for any sort of unauthorized users who can break the security system or change the data. They lack in providing the higher resolution of images, due to which we could barely see a higher level of details like facial recognition, license plate identification, etc. It stores the video data in DVR format (Digital Video Recorder).

3. Network IP Surveillance Systems Or W-LAN Cameras

These are also non-wifi security cameras, but they are very much different than the traditional wired security cameras. They also have advanced features like storage options, except the local hard-disk storage.

Wired but non-wifi security cameras are the best for complex channeled security tasks, for office purposes, and also the big households.

If you have wired Ethernet connections inside your building all around, then you should better go for an IP system that will operate with a Network Video Recorder (NVR), just connect them to all the access points with the CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cables. To transmit power and video feed through the same Ethernet cable, these systems use POE, i.e. Power Over Ethernet Technology. Here, there is no need for an internet connection, just connect the NVR to HDTV or any monitor will ensure you the properties without any effort. Therefore, you do not need to install any WIFI router at your place.

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Need Of These Cameras

  • You need these sorts of cameras when the region is not suitable for a Wi-Fi connection.
  • In places like forests, rural areas, and can also be used during the research programs at farms.
  • Also, when the Wi-Fi device of yours is not working or does not work along with more than a few security cameras.

Or else when you are working in space or you are living in an area where there are more chances that your surveillance system will get hacked.