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How to record screen on an iPhone? Simple-step Guide

Published On : December 7, 2021 By:- Miti Sharma

Whether you want to preserve a clip from a game you’re playing, record part of a live stream on Instagram, or make a how-to video for your friends, it will be very useful if you screen record your iPhone screen. You can send the video… Read More »

How to Activate Voot on your Samsung Smart TV?

Published On : December 7, 2021 By:- Miti Sharma

Willing to Activate Voot on your Samsung TV? Follow this guide until the end and you will be presented with the steps on how you can stream and activate Voot on Samsung TV using nevertheless, before beginning with the process of activation let’s know… Read More »

Quick Fix to PS4 error code SU-41350-U

Published On : December 6, 2021 By:- Miti Sharma

Are facing the PS4 Error Code SU-41350-U? The first step is to figure out why you’re getting the PS4 SU-41350-U  error code. According to the poll, the most common cause of the PS4 update file not being found problem is that your USB storage device… Read More »

Guide to activate Twitch TV on PS5 and troubleshoot activation errors

Published On : December 6, 2021 By:- Miti Sharma

Twitch TV is a well-known live streaming website that allows users to watch and broadcast live or recorded gaming footage. Twitch TV is a live video game streaming service that may be watched on-demand or in real-time. Players broadcast themselves while playing video games. They… Read More »

“Pending” on Snapchat: Why is it showing up? How to fix?

Published On : December 5, 2021 By:- Miti Sharma

Are you having ‘’Pending on Snapchat’’ shown in your Snapchat? Let’s fix this with this super-easy guide. But before we jump to the fixes, do you know what does it mean? In today’s world, Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking apps. And,… Read More »

How to watch deleted videos on Youtube? Follow these steps

Published On : December 4, 2021 By:- Miti Sharma

Randomly during the day, you wish to see the statistics of your recently uploaded video on Youtube. You visit the page and suddenly you realize that the video has been deleted. Now you must be thinking how can you watch the deleted videos on Youtube?… Read More »

How to watch Cornerstone TV on Roku to enjoy religious shows?

Published On : December 3, 2021 By:- Miti Sharma

Do you know the super interesting story behind the Cornerstone TV channel? Let me tell you, Norma Bixler had a vision of Cornerstone Television on a chance visit to the Christian Broadcasting Network over 40 years ago. She received a distinct call from God to… Read More »

Connect VizioTV to WiFi with a universal remote and try other ways

Published On : December 3, 2021 By:- Miti Sharma

If you have a Vizio smart TV that isn’t linked to the internet and you’ve misplaced your Vizio remote, you’ll have to find another way to set up your WiFi. To connect your Viziotv to Wi-Fi, you’ll usually have to utilize your remote, which is… Read More »

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