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Is Alexa Deceiving You By Eavesdropping You?

Published On : March 18, 2021 By:- Staff Writer

Would you let Alexa eavesdrop on you and keep all the recordings? Eventually, for most people, the reaction would be, “Are you crazy?” Yet that’s what Amazon Alexa has been doing for years, as the device is equipped with a microphone, hence it keeps an… Read More »

Quick Fixes For Google Home wifi Issues

Published On : March 15, 2021 By:- Madhuri Patoju

Google Home smart devices are considered to be savvy enough in major cases, however, sometimes you might encounter some major wifi issues with the device. A majority of Google Home users raised their concern regarding its connectivity issues, as it randomly disconnects from Wi-Fi or… Read More »

Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console Crucial For Madden NFL 21 Gameplay

Published On : March 12, 2021 By:- Sakshi Sharma

With the release of Microsoft’s next-gen console – Xbox Series X – gamers keep their eyes peeled, hoping for the best for Madden NFL 21 Gameplay. Amidst the continued success of EA’s NFL franchise, Madden NFL 21 is quickly approaching amongst the buyers of Microsoft’s… Read More »

Xbox Series X: A Powerhouse Next-Gen Showstopper

Published On : March 10, 2021 By:- Madhuri Patoju

Ever since the next-gen Xbox Series X landed in the market, it surely redefines the definition of gaming consoles in 2020. Last year Microsoft promised things that no gaming console ever dared to fulfill. What’s not! A ray-tracing with 8K HRD output, 120 fps gaming… Read More »

Is Xbox Series X An Apology For Xbox One X Worthlessness Of 4k Games?

Published On : March 9, 2021 By:- Miti Sharma

With the major disappointment of Xbox One X’s performance, Microsoft has tried to course-correct their fault and launched the gaming beast Xbox Series X with powerful features. With this step, it’s quite evident that the Series X is a true apology for the Xbox One… Read More »

Make Dumb Wall Switches Smart With Philips Hue

Published On : March 1, 2021 By:- Madhuri Patoju

For all the people, concerning about the looks of their traditional wall switches, Philips Hue is exactly a new ray of hope for you. With its new Wall Switch Module, the new Philips Hue gadget is what makes your existing dumb wall switches smart. One… Read More »

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